Los Angeles Angels’ star Mike Trout is mum about a fantasy football dispute and remains undecided about being the league commissioner again

NEW YORK — Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout It is trying not to get into the fantasy football league dispute. Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson.

Pham said Tuesday to reporters that Trout was the “worst commissioner in fantasy sports” Trout was asked by the league on Wednesday whether Pederson violated the rules of the league, as he could have prevented the outfielder dispute.

The three-time MVP, nine-time All-Star and nine-time MVP kept his response short.

Trout declared, “I'm not talking about fantasy football,” prior to his team's game against The New York Yankees. It's one of those games where everyone is competitive. Everyone loves fantasy football. Who doesn't?”

Trout stated that he wasn't sure if he would accept the role of fantasy football commissioner again but that he was ready for criticism.

Trout said, “Every commissioner I'm familiar with always gets booed.”

Pham slapped Pederson in pregame warmups last Friday, sparking the dispute. Pederson said he was accused by cheating in the way he managed to secure the injured reserve spot in the fantasy league's big-money fantasy league. Pham claimed that the dispute was rooted in a text that Pederson sent to the league's group chat, in which he disregarded his teammates. San Diego PadresHe played last season for,

MLB suspended Pham during the three-game series between Reds and Giants.

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