Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James was ‘focused on improving the team’ at trade deadline

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Portland team was facing a team that is below them in the standings, and which was playing with a patchwork lineup. Los Angeles LakersStill, I was able to find a solution to my loss Trail BlazersWednesday 107-105To fall four games below.500 for the first season in a row

Afterward, LeBron JamesIt was admitted Thursday's trade deadline is having an impact on the Lakers team, which came into the season boasting its championship goal.

James said, “Obviously, it's something that's weighing upon this group that we all try to get through,” James who led L.A.'s scoring with 30 points, but also threw up six turnovers, while leading the offense. Russell WestbrookTightness in his lower back caused him to fall out. “It almost feels like it is a fog, just fog floating in the air. We all want to see what is on the other side.

This was L.A.’s sixth loss in eight games. Only one win was recorded in that stretch, against the New York KnicksAfter rallying from a 21 point deficit, the Blazers, who were missing their star, won. Damian Lillard. Lillard also took part in Wednesday's contest.

James' stoic demeanor was reminiscent his reaction to the Lakers' loss. Milwaukee BucksOn Tuesday, he acknowledged that his team wasn't at the same level as the defending champions.

His frustration may have grown worse after the Blazers' loss. They not only lost Lillard, but also had two key acquisitions from him. CJ McCollumCommerce Josh Hart Eric BledsoeStreet clothes

James stated, “Literally just — right now I'm tired.” “I just want some wine and to get up tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. We'll see. We'll wait to see what happens with the deadline, but I'm more focused on how we can improve.

The Lakers won't face off against the Lakers until Saturday in San Francisco. Golden State WarriorsSources told ESPN that a team function was planned for the group at Napa Valley's vineyard.

The Lakers' front office will first try to uncork a trade in order to make things more interesting for a group that is heading in the wrong direction.

According to ESPN, the Lakers' loss Tuesday against the Bucks led to a stark realization within their locker room that the current roster is not working. Sources said this. Rob Pelinka, Lakers vice-president of basketball operations and general manger, will be responsible for turning the tide.

Westbrook missed Wednesday's game, his first of the season. Therefore, the Blazers loss was a rare instance in which Westbrook could not bear any responsibility.

Considering how Westbrook's 55 previous games have been, Frank Vogel, Lakers coach, was not surprised to be asked about Westbrook's trade possibility following the Portland match.

Vogel responded to the question without mentioning Westbrook. “Aside from that I don't have anything to say about the trade deadline.”

Anthony DavisHe said Tuesday that the Lakers should go 3-0 heading into All-Star break in order to “feel good about themselves” and had no comment on the trade deadline. After scoring 17 points, seven rebounds and six assists against the Blazers, he declined to speak with reporters.

James was the only player who conducted a media session, and he is a third-year veteran. Talen Horton-TuckerHe has been the subject in various trade reports.

The guard, aged 21 years old, said that he didn't know when the deadline would come and that it was impossible to predict what might happen.

Although he acknowledged that the Lakers' recent tailspins and constantly-changing lineups have put the group on edge, he still believed L.A. could make something of the 26 remaining regular season games.

He stated, “We've got the fight to keep going and just to get to victory and reach the finish line.” “If we can get there, and have a late push to make it happen, we'll be fine,” he said.

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