Luka Docic and the Dallas Mavericks were defeated when the Golden State Warriors adopted old-school basketball.

SAN FRANCISCO — It is dawning on Stephen CurryThe Golden State WarriorsThey staged their first legitimate title challenge in almost three years.

Curry stated, “When you look at some of these guys, it's easy to remember how young they are.” Curry was referring to the NBA's starscape as the Warriors prepared for the Mavericks arrival in San Francisco.Jayson TatumIt is 24. Luka [Doncic]It is 23. Ja [Morant]He was 22. This is the only time you feel like “Hell, they are really that young.” You think back to what you did at that age and try to make it into this scene. [play]”Playoff basketball.”

The NBA has always been a gerontocracy. A league ruled by venerated veterans who teach and torment upstarts before giving up the glory. In recent years, few NBA stars have lifted a championship trophy before their prime. This is despite a lot of help. Doncic wants to accelerate his track at the expense Curry, America's beloved little brother, who has in a flash graduated to an elder statesman.

The Warriors' blowout win in Game 1 by 112-87 against the Dallas MavericksWednesday night's game at Chase Center was a timely reminder of the fact that championships in the NBA are still the best source of inspiration. Although he was protected by the Mavericks' most formidable defensive guard, Reggie BullockCurry was sometimes blitzed occasionally by a second defense, targeted in Doncic’s pick–and-roll attack, as well as being uncharacteristically inept from the free throw line. Curry played with the poise and ease that one would expect from a veteran player, completely at home in his own game. He led all players in points (21), rebounds (12) and assists (four — tied with four others) in Game 1, the first time in his playoff career he has done so in all three categories, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Curry said, “We are very comfortable on this stage.” Curry said that there is more gratitude for being back on stage and more urgency to seize the chance. It's hard to predict how this will turn out but I'm enjoying every moment. Klay is my friend, and Draymond mine because we haven’t played meaningful games at this point in the year for two years. It's special.”

Curry and the Warriors didn't display their trademark style as much as they could with this win. They were too quick and did not have the classic clips of their split cut for vault. The Warriors showed telepathy in many instances, such as Draymond Green's defense erasing a Dallas shot attempt that was high-percentage or Curry getting out of trouble with a pindown. Kevon Looney. The Warriors spent most of the night in transition, against a Mavericks side that would rather have Doncic take possessions on the half court. Thanks to the tireless defensive work of Andrew WigginsIn Doncic's first conference finals appearance, Doncic was made to struggle by the Warriors.

The series opener was also an indication of how influential Golden State is on the trends that will define NBA basketball in 2022. The Warriors beat a Mavericks side team that tried to. 19To maximize spacing, the Warriors took more shots beyond the arc and used a 5-out plan for the majority of the night. This strategy was also used by them during their dynasty run. To bolster their interior defense and rebounding, the Warriors relied heavily on a short center who had limited range. They also took twice the shots from the long midrange than at the rim.

Golden State, a team that revolutionized league play in the 2010s, looked positively Jurassic and completely effective.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. “This time — Steve [Kerr]It is something that Andrew insists on — the midrange jump is going be there. Andrew [Wiggins]Steph and me, [Jordan Poole]It was working really well for us tonight.”

Even the most passionate idealists can embrace pragmatism as a middle-aged man. The Warriors broke many rules during their rise to greatness. They also rewrote some and created a few new ones. The Warriors are back after three years of wandering the wilderness, while suffering from injuries and losing key players, and now the team is reuniting with a mix of practical wisdom and Warriors wisdom.

Dallas might not have the same level of intensity as Dallas, which the Warriors fully understand. Phoenix SunsThe Mavs did not miss more than three quarters of their distance attempts last week.

Curry, a 34-year old who graduated from Davidson College last Saturday, seems to be delighted that he is both a mentor and a rival for a new generation of NBA players. Curry, who is a relatively late bloomer marveled at Morant’s work and leadership during the Warriors’ series win over Memphis. Curry acknowledged that it will be difficult to defend the young Grizzlies virtuoso in future.

Age does not diminish self-confidence. This tells a man who has won three rings and two MVP awards, and changed the game of basketball in the NBA that he is able to trust his instincts without fail. Curry's age is a reminder that time is ticking.

Curry declared prior to Game 1: “I'm trying not to claim the old guy' tag.” Curry said prior to Game 1. “But, we're just as hungry as them to get it done.”

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