Man wins fantasy football wager by playing in the U.S. Open qualifier, and shooting 112

John Eckert knew that if his fantasy football team was to finish last in the SHIVA league, it would be because of injuries. He would need to qualify for the U.S. Open in a local qualifier.

Eckert paid his debts at Oakwood Country Club, Kansas City, Monday.

It went as smoothly as you would expect, as you can see.

Eckert (26 years old) from Overland Park in Kansas finished last again after scoring a 40-over 112, 40 strokes ahead of Andrew Beckler and Ryan Argotsinger.

Eckert was five over after he missed his tee on the 10th hole due to his mistake. Par the par-4 12th hole was his only chance to win, but he scored 22-over on the back nine.

Eckert opened the front nine by making double, triple and double bogeys. He then made a 10, on the par-4 4th. He recovered with pars at Nos. 5, 7, and 9 to card an 18 over 54 on the front.

Eckert, via text message, stated that “I’m quite happy with four pars,” and spoke to ESPN on Tuesday. “The walking got to my. “I’m more of an individual cart guy.”

Eckert indicated that he usually plays one month per month when it is warm. Eckert said that he scores in the 90s most of the time, but had momentum going into the qualifier, so his spirits were high.

Todd Stice is the director of competitions and rules at Central Links Golf in Kansas City. He said Eckert was permitted to participate because he registered as a professional golfer. The USGA rules require that amateurs have a handicap of 1.4 or less to participate in the U.S. Open qualifiers.

Eckert should expect a USGA letter soon. It will inform Eckert that he cannot compete in USGA events due to his high score. He has also been designated as a professional, thereby losing his amateur status.

Stice stated, “I cannot imagine his amateur status being of concern to him.”

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