Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics believes that Marcus Smart will play in Game 3 against Milwaukee Bucks

BOSTON — On Thursday afternoon after practice, Boston CelticsCoach Ime Udoka asked a question about the team's performance without him. Marcus SmartIn their Game 2 win against the Philadelphia 76ers,, the NBA's Defensive Players of the Year was crowned Milwaukee Bucks.

Udoka noticed Smart's hair, now green-tipped, standing behind a row camera and decided it was time for some good fun.

Udoka deadpans before looking to the side and nodding at Smart, who is having a great time.

Both men felt happy and relaxed because the Celtics beat Bucks in Game 2. There's a chance Smart will return to Milwaukee for Game 3.

Smart stated that there is a strong likelihood that he will be available to contest after missing Game 2 due to a right quad contusion. After getting repeatedly hit in the muscle in Game 1, Smart sat out of the game. It was a commanding victory for the Celtics by 109 to 86.

Smart stated that he was struck closer to his knee and that fluid from the injury was restricting his movement. This would be his last obstacle before he can get back on the court.

Smart stated, “Once that is over, I should feel like myself again.” “Everything else is healing in the right direction.”

Udoka claimed that Smart did some on-court work during Thursday practice.

Udoka stated that we will know more tomorrow based upon how it feels today. He looks much better than he did yesterday. He was just moving, walking the last few days that he couldn’t go. Tomorrow will bring us more information.

Smart stated that he couldn’t sleep or get his usual pregame nap in before Game 2 because he was so anxious about missing the game.

Smart stated, “Just wishing that I was there with my boys.” It's really difficult. It's hard. My friends and family know that I am not able to attend a game, particularly a playoff game.

Smart has had to deal with this injury before. Smart missed six games with a right-quad contusion in January.

“Literally the same one in the exact exact same place. Smart explained that Smart had just aggravated the same injury I was dealing with. “Injuries like this, as we all know, kind of linger.”

Smart interacted with teammates throughout Game 2 and pointed out things he had seen in real-time.

Teammate Robert Williams IIIThey said that they look forward to returning to their full strength with Smart.

Williams stated that Williams' encouragement was evident in his willingness to take any steps forward. He said, “I told you, make sure you're good. We want to see you out there. However, we need you to be straight.

Smart wants to be the best defender in the league when he returns to the series.

Smart stated, “It's my belief that if I'm out on the streets, I should either be able do the same things as I was doing before or I shouldn't.”

“So when my time comes back, I'm returning to be me. That's all I have to say. Because I don't feel 100% to be out there doing the things I believe I am supposed to.

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