Mark Rypien, a former partner and long-term litigant, accuses Mark Rypien of causing him harm.

Former long-term partner of former Washington Mark Rypien, Super Bowl MVP, filed a lawsuit seeking damages for physical or emotional abuse. He was allegedly victim to years of domestic violence and repeated threats.

Danielle Wade had been with Rypien 18 years and filed the suit earlier in the month at the Superior Court in Spokane County in Washington. The suit detailed alleged incidents between 2008 and September 2020. Rypien referred to her as his spouse in several interviews over the years, even though they were never married.

Rypien, a 2019 incident, allegedly struck Wade with his car and drove on her leg. Rypien allegedly became angry while driving and when Wade tried to get him stopped, he allegedly backhanded Wade in the abdomen. Wade later revealed to her attorney that she had sustained an injury in her esophagus from that incident.

Rypien, who was retired in 2002, stated to the Spokesman-Review newspaper that he struggled with depression and suicidal ideas, memory loss, and uncontrollable instincts. These were all attributed to head injuries sustained while playing football. He was diagnosed with traumatic head injury.

Mary Schultz, Wade’s attorney, said that “it doesn't really matter if someone's ill, they don’t have the right abuse someone.” Because the two-year statute has expired for almost all these incidents, she said they want the judge consider the long-running series of incidents, which can go back years, as “one continuous assault”, as other states (but not Washington) have done. This is why the lawsuit details every incident throughout their years together.

Schultz stated, “By that time you're able get out of this culture, there is no recourse.”

Rypien was charged with domestic violence, but the charges were dropped.

“Mr. Rypien categorically condemns domestic abuse,” his attorney stated to the Seattle Times. “He was in a relationship with Danielle Wade, which ended recently. Mr. Rypien apologized and acknowledged that he had done things that were detrimental to Ms. Wade. He believes in the justice system and hopes that the parties can come to a fair resolution so they can continue living their lives apart.

Rypien was Washington's quarterback from 1986 to 1993, and helped lead Washington to the Super Bowl in 1991. In the win over Buffalo, Rypien was named Super Bowl MVP. It was the franchise’s last Super Bowl appearance. Rypien was a part of six other franchises, before he retired in 2002.

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