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INDIANAPOLIS – “A breath of new air” is how to describe it. Indianapolis ColtsMarcus Brady, the offensive coordinator, described veteran quarterbacks as his goal. Matt Ryan as the team’s new starter. Brady was referring to having another voice outside of just the coaching staff during the team’s offseason workouts.

For some, fresh air could have also meant “breath of fresh air”. Carson WentzRyan has now returned to work and is throwing passes.

“You feel him in this building,” Colts defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said of Ryan.

Lineman of defense DeForest BucknerRyan remembered his former teammate Philip RiversAnother veteran, he spent his entire career with the Chargers before joining the Colts in 2020.

The Colts need a quarterback who is present. This is the type of presence that earns respect from the coaches and his teammates in the locker room as well as on the field.

That’s what Ryan has brought already since being acquired from the Atlanta FalconsMarch

“I cannot even tell you how refreshing he is. [He has a] very strong opinion, but also very engaging, but very humble, like very humble,” Colts coach Frank Reich said. “Very humble but very strong. It’s just good. It’s a really good dynamic, very professional in every way. It’s just a collaboration, but he also understands he’s coming in and learning a new offense, and he feels that right now, he feels it.”

The Colts have been looking for stability at quarterback since the beginning. Andrew Luck’s retirement nearly three years ago, don’t look at Ryan’s stay in Indianapolis as a quick one. Jim Irsay, owner of the team, said that Ryan would be the quarterback for the following three, possibly four seasons.

Offseason training is still in its infant stages. Ryan's passes to his receivers are air routes. We will see how things progress, but it is possible that they will not.

Irsay said, “I cannot say enough about Matt Ryan.” “There is no way I could sit here and try to explain it to you, unless if you look at [general manager] Chris [Ballard]Frank, Frank, and other people in the organization's eyes. You can see the difference Matt Ryan has made in this building. His professionalism, his status at 36, and his coming in here, we are really fortunate.”

Ryan’s experience will be needed because the Colts have a young receiving room. One receiver — a 25-year-old — is on the roster. Keke Coutee— is now over 24. The Colts' young team is supported by the coaching staff and front office. But there are still some challenges ahead, particularly since they have yet to sign an outside agent.

Ryan will have to be patient.

“These guys are young, for sure, but their attitude, their energy, their sense of professionalism for young players is really good, and I’ve been impressed with them,” Ryan said. “… I think as a veteran player, there’s a level of patience that has to come with it, and it’s a slow, meticulous approach to trying to improve, but I think [Ballard]Does a fantastic job trying to get the right people into the building. From my short amount of time here, I get that sense from the guys.”

This isn’t the first time that Ryan has worked with a group of youthful receivers. Julio Jones, Calvin RidleyAnd Kyle PittsRyan's 14-year Falcons tenure saw all of his rookies catch passes from Ryan at different points.

But the Colts don’t have a Jones, Ridley or Pitts, all former first-round draft picks, on their roster. Michael Pittman JrIndianapolis is closest to this level of talent with. who had 1,082 yards in his last season.

Former Falcons receiver Roddy WhiteRyan learned patience early on in his Atlanta career. Ryan was an aggressive personality who brought with him a lot of pressure. Ryan has kept that moment with him throughout the years and it will be a great lesson for any future bumps the Colts may encounter.

“I think the way the league is set up now, regardless of whether or not you’re in the same building or a new team, there’s so much transition, there’s so many player transactions that take place, so much fluidity within the roster, that you’re constantly having guys come in and out of the building,” Ryan said. “You can’t have a reasonable expectation that they’re going to know the system as well as you do, and you’ve got to be really good with your communication and understanding, and patient with sometimes just the amount of volume that you give guys.

“It is possible to see a skill set, and then say that he can do all the things. But he’s not going to do any of them well if you overload them … It’s striking that balance and being patient. Not trying to, you know, overload them mentally so that their physical skill set doesn’t show up.”

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