Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams’ QB, has stated that he will throw at training camp

THOUSAND OAKS CA — After not throwing during Los Angeles RamsBecause of an injury to the right elbow, the quarterback has been forced to miss the offseason. Matthew Stafford He stated that he will be “definitely ready” to throw during training camps.

Stafford had his right elbow injected to treat an injury that he sustained during the 2021 football season. Although he participated in minicamp, the quarterback has not thrown the ball this week.

“I'm making progress towards that and beyond.” [being able to throw] Stafford stated Wednesday that the situation is currently “at the moment”. “So I'm trying to make sure that we're smart and at the same time, be as ready as possible to go Day 1 when we're playing the ball.”

Stafford admitted that he still needs to work hard to be ready for training camp. He feels ready to “go out there and play at an elite level” and said that he has a lot of physical work ahead of him. Stafford said that part of the process will involve spending some time with his receivers over the next six week.

Stafford stated, “As my personal progress through my program gets ready to go,” “We'll be finding the time. The great thing about Southern California is that everyone wants to be there. It will be great for me to be able get some work done with some of these guys.

Sean McVay, Rams' head coach, stated that Stafford's throwing limitations were part of his decision to cut one week off of OTAs and hold minicamp this week.

McVay admitted that he did notice that Stafford was “coaching men up” and that he was benefiting from some of the drills that were “above the neck” being used by the team.

McVay stated, “I always want our guy throwing, but he handled it as best he could.”

Stafford acknowledged that it wasn't enjoyable for him to have to miss practice because he couldn't throw the ball, but he completely understands the reasons.

Stafford stated that he loves practicing. It's not fun for me to… come out here and throw the ball. I would love to throw the ball out there. I'd love the opportunity to play out there. I would love to compete and get reps.

“It was difficult for me not to be able to do this, but it's right.”

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