Max Strus of Miami Heat still feels the pain from a missed 3-pointer in Game 7 defeat to Boston Celtics

Max Strus The NBA's replay center overturned his 3-pointer during Game 7 of Eastern Conference finals. This is the first time that he has spoken since Sunday's loss to the NBA 100-96. Boston Celtics?, Miami Heat Guard admitted that the phone call still bothers him.

Strus stated, “Thanks for pissing off me again,” during a Miami season-ending news conference. “But yes, I don’t know what that was called after I’ve seen the video. They state that they have the rule to eliminate human error from the game. However, the human error causes an error in the video. I don’t know, so I hope I don’t get fined.

The call came with 11 minutes remaining in the third period, when Strus hit a 3-pointer from deep in the corner. This cut the Celtics' lead of 17 to 17, which was as high as 17 in the first half. It was 56-54.

After several minutes of intense game action, during which the Celtics had another run of their own, the call was overturned in Secaucus by Secaucus' NBA replay center. After the game, Erik Spoelstra, Heat coach, said that he was in shock at the loss of points.

Strus stated, “I'm clearly not happy about it.” Strus stated, “But it is what is at this point. I guess we can’t really do anything. However, it changed the game's momentum. It went from a six point game to an eleven-point game in no time. Although I am not happy about the outcome, I think you can just move on.”

Spoelstra spoke after Sunday's match and said that Strus' play which showed his feet touching the outbounds line (and will forever be considered a turnover) would be a case study in future league meetings.

Spoelstra repeatedly stated that the call wasn't the reason why the Heat lost but was unhappy with the manner in which it was handled.

Spoelstra stated that they are sure to look at it and that we will likely be the case study. It could happen the same way as it used to. They would notice it when it happened at the next foul or break.

Spoelstra stated, “That was so uncommon for us to grind and then start getting momentum and then it was like, ‘Oh, hey! By the way, take out that 3′ without any explanation.” “That's just the human side. This is not the negative side. We don't know if this would have affected anything.

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