McWilliams: Mixed feelings for McWilliams in Six Nations Women’s after Ireland win

Greg McWilliams, Ireland's head coach, admitted that he felt mixed emotions following the dramatic win by his side in the Women's Six Nations over Scotland.

Enya Brennen converted a try to give the hosts victory in Belfast, just as it appeared that they would lose and the Wooden Spoon.

McWilliams acknowledged that she was disappointed to be open with her.

“Obviously, I'm happy for my players. It was really crucial for the momentum und the work they put forth.”

“You can clearly see their commitment to the jersey. However, there is still much to be done.

Ireland came in fourth place with three wins and two losses in McWilliams’s first campaign as the new manager after Adam Griggs was removed.

After leading at half-time, Ireland lost its way in the second period. Scotland took control of this contest and led by six points.

But the hosts came back and camped out in the Scottish 22, for the final 10 minute. After being denied numerous times, they finally passed through centre Breen. She picked herself up and sent the winning conversion.

McWilliams said, “I didn’t see where it was going to go to be honest so to win the win was great that just shows my character,” McWilliams added.

“I believe I've said it too many times recently, but you can have the team that has all the tactical and technical abilities. They will not be successful in the long-term if they don't possess that personality.

“To be successful, you need that as your heartbeat. They have plenty of it, but we must build the game around it. We have to be better and more precise.

Ireland looked forward to this year after a difficult 2021 on the pitch.

Griggs was unable to qualify for World Cup and he resigned as head coach.

Debutant Vicky Irwin leads Ireland's celebrations after beating Scotland
McWilliams, McWilliams' head coach, says that his players are “gutsy and ambitious.”

They hope to use McWilliam’s winning conclusion to McWilliam’s maiden Six Nations campaign to launch what could be five more Test matches between a November internationals and a summer series this year.

McWilliams expressed satisfaction with his side's progress, saying “I believe I am where they thought we would”.

“Maybe, we're a bit further along the line than we thought. We've got a tough group and that's what makes any team tick.

“I'm excited to go to work on Tuesday, and develop a good plan for them around core skills of the game. You're just wasting your time if you don't do those repeatedly well.

“We are an ambitious team and must strive to be better. It's great to think about our first ever summer tour.

“Two Tests, but also looking forward to the summer to start to work, we have to improve at the rugby basics, and we've gotta get better around the kick game. These are the things that I am thinking about now.”

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