Miami Heat’s Dwayne and Draymond green find inspiration in the Miami Heat to force Game 7 against Jimmy Butler’s 47-point victory.

BOSTON Jimmy Butler And the Miami Heat They knew that the majority of the basketball world had already ruled them out well before Game 6 of Eastern Conference finals against the Boston Celtics Even Friday night was the start.

After a hard-fought series, the Heat were mentally exhausted. They also had to deal with a variety of injuries. Tyler Herro I was out with a groin strain. Kyle Lowry, P.J. Tucker Max Strus There were a few Heat players who had nagging injuries. Butler, on the other hand, has been suffering from right knee pain off and on throughout playoffs. He has been significantly impaired since injuring his knee in Game 3.

Butler was aware of all the challenges, he understood the doubts, and he didn't care. He delivered one of his best performances with 47 points, and helped his team to an impressive victory. 111-103 victory This forced a Game 7 Sunday night.

Erik Spoelstra, Heat coach said that Jimmy brought his competitive will tonight. “It wasn't a will that would let us lose.”

Butler's career has been one of hard work and determination. This was another great performance for his team. Butler not only scored 47 points but also had nine rebounds and eight assists. He also managed to block a total of 46 minutes. He was 16-for-29 on the field, 11 for-11 at the free throw line, and 4 for 8 from beyond the arc.

Lowry said, “It's amazing.”

Butler, on the other hand, took all the praises in stride. He calmly delivered big plays after big plays every time the Celtics appeared to be taking control. This is what he expects from himself in the greatest moments. It looked very similar the games he played in the 2020 NBA Bubble where he brought the Heat within two games.

Butler revealed that Dwyane Wade was his friend, a Heat legend, who provided him with the motivational support prior to Game 6.

“He was telling my that I could do it,” Butler explained to ESPN's Lisa Salters following the game. “My knees are a bit sore, but no one cares. Keep going, build your legacy. It was a great gift. I am grateful to D-Wade.

A comment made by Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond GreenAfter his team was eliminated, he declared, “We're going to play Boston,” on TNT's Inside the NBA. Dallas Mavericks Thursday night will be the NBA Finals.

“Tell Draymond, I said, ‘Thank you,’” veteran Heat forward P.J. Tucker told ESPN's Scott Van Pelt after Friday's game.

Tucker stated that “it's funny” in his postgame conference news conference a few minutes later. “We laughed. It was funny, because he knows more than anyone. We still had to play the game. You have to play. There are no guarantees that anyone will win this league. It is a non-stop game. “I don't know.”

The Heat put in all their efforts to give the Heat one of the most remarkable wins in recent history. Now that they have this win, they are confident that they will play the Warriors in Sunday's NBA Finals.

Spoelstra stated that “Game 7” is the best word in pro sports, and Butler seems like the perfect player to guide them into the game.

Spoelstra said, “I want my guys to just embrace this moment.” Jimmy Butler is a great competitor. He really is. He can be mischaracterized in many different ways but his competitive will is as high as anyone who has ever played the game. He was a key player in this game.

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