Jimmy Butler of Miami Heat scores 45 points in Game 2 win. He said that he is now a “different player” than he was during his terrible Finals run in NBA Bubble.

MIAMI — Vision of Jimmy ButlerThe images of, slumped above a baseline barricade, during 2020 Finals in NBA Bubble have been engraved into the tapestry. That series featured the Miami HeatStar went toe-toe in the company of LeBron JamesThe LakersLos Angeles is on the brink of collapse, with triple-doubles of 40- and $35-point triple-doubles.

The Heat's Butler scored 45 points, a record in playoffs. 115-105 winOver the Atlanta HawksHe said Tuesday that they would go up 2-0 in their first round series.

After a 7-0 run that pushed Miami to within 10 points, Butler stated, “I am now a different player than I was back then.” “I want to play basketball correctly and do everything I can to help this team and this organization win. That's why they brought us here.”

Butler joined the Heat in 2019 as a free agent and led the team to two victories in the Bubble. But then, he lost out to the eventual champion Milwaukee BucksIn a sweep of the first round last year.

The addition of Kyle LowryHe brought with him championship experience when he left the Toronto RaptorsTo sign with the Heat last season.

Butler stated that he is not as ball-dominant now as he was during the Bubble. “We have a point guard and that's Kyle. He is a great point guard. … I just have to get out there and try to score. If I don't score, you can pass the ball. We're a team with different players.

On Tuesday, he was a different player to the regular season, where he shot 23.3% on 3-pointers. Atlanta was able to score 7 points from deep in Game 2. Butler, however, went 4-for-7. Trae YoungHe was 2-for-10 with 3-pointers, making his series total just 2-for-17.

Erik Spoelstra, Heat coach said that the sudden blast from the outside reminded of James who was the only player in team history to match Butler’s three 40-point playoff games.

It is a great comparison. If you are in the pressure moments or the moments of truth, would you ever choose to give Dwyane Wade an easy 3? Spoelstra said that it would not be so. Spoelstra said, “Because that man is a killer. He will seize this moment. Jimmy has many of these same qualities. You can be as specific as you like, but it's all about winning. He will find a way for you to die.”

Only he will do it his way. Butler shared on his Instagram Story that he spent Tuesday afternoon listening to “I Want It That Way” from the Backstreet Boys, and was playing Spades, a card game.

Butler said that the card game was “whooped their tail too.” “I am a big fan of the Backstreet Boys. I love to compete in any sport.”

Lowry stated that Butler's joy-loving nature is only one part of the equation.

Butler stated that Butler was “a person who has a dark side.” But you must also have the talent and work ethic to achieve it. It doesn't matter how much you talk about it. But if you aren't passionate about it and don't put it on your chest, it will make a big difference. He does it.

Butler was 15-for-25 from all 25 points — Wade and James were the only Heat players to have made more shots than Butler in a playoff matchup — and was 11 for 12 from the foul line. To go along with his 45 points, he had zero turnovers or fouls. This was the first Hawks player to do so. Dominique WilkinsIn 1988, a postseason stats line like this was established.

He also had two steals. One of the Hawks' 10 turnovers was due to Young's errant pass. This is a Heat playoff record.

Spoelstra said that Spoelstra's defensive work was as impressive as his offense.

The Butler of old was a great coach who took the Heat to the edge of champagne celebrations only to see them fall short. According to his coach the player at the East's No. The Heat's No. 1 team is built to win this season.

Everyone is searching for the same box to win a championship. You can do it in many different ways. Spoelstra stated that Jimmy is a “max guy”, a “go-to” guy, and a “killer”. No matter how you describe it, it doesn't matter. He is a winner, he can help teams win. The game is played with I.Q., toughness and winning. It is not always what everyone thinks it should be. …

“He's just an all-round winner, and he proved that tonight.”

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