Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers, clarifies his stance on the future and says that he will return next season as originally planned

Detroit Tigers Slugger Miguel Cabrera Let's get the facts straight about his future Friday. The Detroit News It is likely that he will return to the major leagues for the 21st season in 2023.

Cabrera, 39, indicated to reporters that this season could be his last due to knee problems. Cabrera opened up the possibility of him not playing next season for the first time. He previously said that he intended to fulfill his contract that runs through 2023.

Cabrera stated Friday that his plans for next year's play have not changed.

He told the News that he was not retiring. “Not after next year when I have finished my contract. They didn't get what I meant. They didn't understand what I said.

Cabrera was a member of the 3,000-hit/500 homer club in the earlier part of the season and was hitting.308 just recently, July 8. Cabrera has been struggling since, hitting.131 in his 21 last games with three extra base hits.

Cabrera says that knee pain, which has been on the rise in recent weeks, is partly to blame. But Cabrera thinks next year will prove different. In April, he will turn 40.

He told the News that “Next year will be way better.” “Next year, you'll be right there,” he said to the News.

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