Mike Brown, the Kings coach, is looking to create a winning culture in Sacramento

Mike Brown, the Kings coach, is looking to create a winning culture in Sacramento

A break was taken between the Western Conference finals games of Golden State. Dallas, then-Warriors Mike Brown, Mike Brown's top assistant, flew to San Diego to meet his new star. De'Aaron Fox Take the time to plan and do it. Sacramento Guard and his family invited to lunch.

Brown jumped on board a plane to return to Golden State, where he was preparing for the playoffs.

Last Tuesday was Brown's formal introduction as the Kings' new coach. This came just one day after the Warriors celebrated their fourth championship in eight seasons with a victory parade through San Francisco.

Brown admitted that she was heavily involved with the Kings and said she would continue to do so as long as her schedule allowed. “I have spoken to every player on multiple occasions.”

Brown was hired by Sacramento in may, but he remained with the Warriors throughout their postseason run. The Warriors won their fourth championship in eight year's time last Thursday night in Boston.

Brown stated, “First off, I want to thank everyone in Warrior Land.”

Brown, 52 years old, will be charged with ending 16-years-old league's longest playoff drought. Former Warriors top assistant Luke Walton is being replaced by Brown. Walton was hired to help Golden State move in 2019, before he was fired last November. Alvin Gentry was appointed interim manager before the Kings' 30-52 deadline.

The 2017-18 season saw Sacramento's lowest winning percentage of.366.

Brown is determined to make the state capital a consistent winner.

He stated that “One of my main reasons I was brought here to be a leader in many different areas” “I've worked with many different teams during my 30 year career. I know what I believe is the key to bringing organizations to the top. This is not just one year. But year after year. That's my job. I believe that every organization has a soul. The more strong that soul, the better an organization will be.”

Brown had previously served two terms as Cleveland's head coach, where he led the Cavaliers into the NBA Finals in 2007 and also coached. Los Angeles Lakers.

Since 1985, when the Kings moved to Sacramento, they have only experienced one period of success. The Kings made the playoffs in eight of the eight seasons that Rick Adelman coached from 1999-2006. Adelman was fired by the Kings in 2006, and he remains the only coach from the Sacramento era with a winning record.

Monte McNair, Kings general manger, said that the Kings had conducted a thorough, robust, and comprehensive front-office process. We wanted to make sure that we chose the right coach. We did extensive research and came to the conclusion that the right coach was the one with the most experience. They also had to have successful head coaching experiences.

Brown was the Warriors' coach on several occasions. He was most recently in charge of Kerr's COVID-19 treatment and missed three playoff games.

Now it's time to begin a new chapter. He hopes that it will produce a regular competitor much like where he was.

Brown's Warriors title win was congratulated by someone, and Brown smiled with his trademark warm smile.

“I've got four,” said he, holding up four fingers and chuckling.

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