Minnesota Wild fans were denied a hat trick by Kirill Kaprizov, but Kirill Kaprizov did it!

Hockey fans have few more emotions than throwing hats on the ice to acknowledge a player who has scored three goals in a single game. However, it is more embarrassing to have that same hat trick removed from the scoreboard because of a video review.

Minnesota WildBoth of these emotions were experienced by fans in a matter of minutes during the team's game Game 2 victoryThe St. Louis BluesWednesday night

The third period ends with forward Joel Eriksson EkTo give the Wild a 6-2 lead, he scored his third goal of game. Hats flew off the stands onto the ice. The Blues bench was watching for any missed calls as the ice crew lifted the hats onto the ice.

Coach Craig BerubeChallenged to be a coach. Marcus FolignoHe was offside during the play. Eriksson Ek was penalized for his goal, and Eriksson Ek was denied his hat trick.

Unfortunately, the hats weren't returned to fans. However, ESPN's Leah Hextall said that any NHL fan can take their hat to the lost to get it back.

Wild fans didn't have the time before Minnesota's top scorer completed a legal hat trick. Kirill KaprizovFoligno was offside, so he scored the third goal of the match.

Although there were more hats on the ice than Eriksson Ek’s goal, they weren't as many. It begs the obvious question: Why didn’t Wild fans celebrate the first hat-trick?

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