Montreal Canadiens win NHL Draft Lottery, a season removed from Stanley Cup Finals appearance

The Montreal CanadiensOn Tuesday, the NHL Draft Lottery's first overall selection was secured. It became the first team to host the draft since 1985 and have the top pick.

It is the Canadiens' first selection in 42 years. Last year, they selected forward Doug Wickenheiser as the top pick.

“It's an exciting outcome for us. Kent Hughes, Canadiens general manger, stated that the outcome is exciting for fans, especially since it will be held in Montreal.

Montreal is the host of the NHL Draft, which will take place July 7-8.

The rest of the year, however, will be New Jersey DevilsWon the second lottery drawing and was awarded the second overall pick. It is the third time that the Devils have picked first or second overall in six years.

The 16 NHL teams that are not in the playoffs were ranked from the lowest points percentage to the highest. This is how the draft lottery worked out. It also includes the odds of each team securing the first overall pick.

1. Montreal Canadiens (18.5%); 2. Montreal Canadiens (18.5%); Arizona Coyotes (13.5%); 4. Seattle Kraken (11.5%); 5. Philadelphia Flyers (9.5%); 6. Columbus Blue Jackets(7.5%, transfer from Chicago); 7. Ottawa Senators (6.5%); 8. Detroit Red Wings (6.0%); 9. Buffalo Sabres (5.0%); 10. Anaheim Ducks (3.5%); 11. San Jose Sharks (3.0%); 12. (3); 12. New York Islanders (2.0%); 14. Winnipeg Jets (1.5%); 15. Vancouver Canucks (0.5%); 16. (0.5%); 16. Vegas Golden Knights).

The Sabres received the Golden Knights' first round pick in the Jack Eichel trade. trade. Seth Jones trade. Both picks were lottery protected. The conditions were met to allow the picks be transferred in this season, rather than 2023.

It is widely believed that the NHL Draft does not have a “generational talent” at its top.

Kraken general manager: “You don't have a McDavid (Connor) or Matthews in this Draft, but there are very rare years you have a McDavid (or a Matthews) in the draft.” Ron Francis said.

Shane Wright, from Kingston, Ontario Hockey League, is expected to be the first overall. He's a solid two way center. Wright was beaten by Center Logan Cooley, USA Hockey National Team Development Program. However, NHL Central Scouting placed Wright at the top.

Two other top prospects are two Slovakian Olympians. Juraj Slafkovsky, winger for TPS of Liiga (Finland's top professional league), and Simon Nemec of Nitra, in the Slovak Extraliga, is defenseman.

The NHL modified its draft rules last year, reducing the number lottery draws from three and making it two. This ensures that the team with worst regular-season record drafts is not lower than third. The NHL also created a rule that a team cannot move up more than 10 spots if it wins one the lotteries.

“Some clubs believe it's important for the teams who are most in need to receive the most support. Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner said that there is nothing wrong with the current system. “Our competitive balance has been so exceptional that some clubs believe that the difference between a team missing the playoffs or a team actually missing the playoffs isn't that big. We thought maybe a slight tweak was necessary to reconcile these opposing views.

Also, the NHL adopted a rule beginning this season that states no team can move up in the draft board by winning more lottery prizes than twice within a five-year span.

Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils are available at all times.

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