Monty Williams, Phoenix Suns’ free throw disparity coach, says that the loss to New Orleans Pelicans in Game 4 was a ‘you must look at’.

NEW ORLEANS — By design, the New Orleans is normally low-key. Phoenix SunsMonty Williams, coach, had sharp remarks to make about the officiating following the event New Orleans PelicansTo even the first round series at 2-2, Game 4 was taken on Sunday.

The Pelicans made 42 free throws to the Suns 15 and the difference was 17-2 in the first half. In a classic playoff game, the Suns were penalized for 12 fouls.

You can cut it however you wish. Williams stated, “The disparity in a playoff match that physical is unbelievable.” “Coaches shouldn’t be forced to speak the truth.

It was part of the Pelicans' game plan that the Suns' interior would be tested. Brandon IngramAnd Jonas ValanciunasTogether, they shot 21 free throws. Ingram was the first Pelicans player to score 30 or more points in three consecutive playoff matches. Valanciunas bounced back from Game 3's poor showing to score 26 points and grab 15 rebounds.

The Pelicans were able to take 46 shots in paint while the Suns managed 41. Chris PaulAfter going 14 times in the previous three games, he didn't make it to the line. He scored nothing in the fourth quarter. This was after he was dominating the series and had just 4 points in his playoff career low.

Williams stated, “It's no way we don't attack baskets.” They outplayed us and deserve to win. That's a huge free throw gap that you need to see… it's difficult to swallow.

Paul stated, “It's just like the old NBA. Isn't that? One time, I asked one the refs if they were playing in the old NBA and the new NBA. I was lucky enough to play in both, it's up to us to determine which one.

Willie Green, Pelicans coach, stated that his team was focused on getting into the paint and the free throw line.

“We were being aggressive. … Green said that they dominated the paint in the last game. “Had 64 point in the paint. We knew that we needed to improve in this area.

The Pelicans changed their strategy against Paul. Instead of using a switching strategy that would deny him drives, Green directed his team to trap Paul during the fourth. Paul got four of his 11 assists in this fourth, but it was clear that he was able to force the ball from his hands.

Pelicans guard said, “I was tired hearing about him breaking records during his fourth quarter.” CJ McCollum. It's just a credit for our defense. Our intensity is a major plus. However, it is a game of chance. He won't make every shot. Some nights he will make a lot more difficult shots. Tonight, he missed some of the shots he made in his last three games. Credit our defense. It's not a win-win situation.

Jose AlvaradoThe undrafted rookie guard Alvarado, who already has a reputation for being a defensive pest and appeared to be unnerving Paul with his full court pressure defense. Alvarado made Paul commit an 8-second violation, and had two steals.

Paul, the normally calm fourth-quarter master and control freak, lost his cool several times in frustration. He committed a flagrant violation of the Fourth-quarter Master Paul. Herb JonesAlvarado later scolded a player who had a great defense, with three blocks and two steals. He was then hit with a technical foul. Alvarado later goaded Aaron HolidayThe crowd at Smoothie King Center also turned into technical fouls, singing the rhythmic “Jose Jose Jose”, to the “ole-ole-ole” tune.

He's a great kid and plays hard. Paul said Alvarado is a “really good energy guy.” “I'll get better the next game, I have to.”

The Suns were not without stars Devin BookerFor the second consecutive match, Booker is attempting to recover from a hamstring injury he suffered in Game 2 last Wednesday. Booker's recovery is moving along but there is no set time.

The Suns' offense has been slowed down without Booker. They were just 7-of-25 on Sunday after they failed to make a single 3-pointer in the narrow Game 3 win. Booker is now the replacement for Booker in the starting line-up. Cam JohnsonOnly 6 of 19 shots were made in both games by.

Williams stated that “We can't worry (Booker)”. “Obviously, we need Bookback but that's not the reason we lost the game,” Williams said.

This report was contributed by Andrew Lopez, ESPN.

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