NBA Finals 2022: Boston Celtics fan already has tattoo for predicting victory over the Golden State Warriors

The Boston Celtics You are back in NBA Finals Faced with the for the first-time since 2010 Golden State Warriors. However, it was long before Game 1 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. One fan decided to get a tattoo that celebrated something that was only a matter time: the 2022 champions, Boston Celtics.

Jack Bienvenue, an 18-year-old Celtics fan, inked a tattoo depicting a championship banner that his team has yet to win. Bienvenue answers questions about why he chose to have the ink. He points to the bounce back that the Celtics enjoyed during the second half.

It was actually March 21st. We were on a winning streak that lasted 10 games, I think. Bienvenue explained that the team was “rolling a bit”. It felt like we were finally putting all the pieces together. “We were finally putting all the pieces together and it seemed like (a title was) destined to be. This team was going to make history and reach the finals. They have. Now, they just need to finish the job. We still have four to go.”

Bienvenue's friends were shocked by the ink on Bienvenue’s right arm.

Bienvenue stated, “Everyone was like …'this man is crazy.” Bienvenue added, “Of course it was crazy to me. It was certainly shocking for most of my friends.

“It was also a completely spontaneous idea. The whole thing was completely unplanned. I was already considering doing a Boston-themed tattoo. I was familiar with the artist and wanted to do it. I then called him and told him that I had an idea for a tattoo and would be there after school. I drove there. It didn't take me long to convince him that he would put it in my arm.”

Golden State is the favorite to win the series.

This will be only the second occasion that the Warriors and Celtics have met at the NBA Finals. The 1964 NBA Finals was the last time the Warriors and Celtics met. At that time, Golden State was called San Francisco Warriors. Wilt Chamberlain. Bill Russell, on the other hand, led Boston to five consecutive championships. That series was won by the Celtics, 4-1.

Bienvenue, naturally, believes that the Celtics can win this season but not easily.

“I'll call it Celtics in seven (games). He stated that the series will not be reduced to six games. It's going be very entertaining and competitive. Steph Curry wants Jason Tatum to carry on his legacy. It will be a difficult battle.

Lucas Cunha contributed to the report.

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