NBA Finals 2022 – Golden State Warriors use second-half blitz patented by the Boston Celtics to tie series

SAN FRANCISCO Stephen CurryAccording to him, he woke up in the middle of the night after falling asleep. Golden State WarriorsHe can't turn and toss less after Game 1's collapse. 107-88 Win in Game 2 of 2022 NBA Finals.

Curry's 34-point performance in Game 1 was a testament to his amazing combination of long range marksmanship and constant motion. Curry scored 29 points, including 9-for-21 shooting from FG, 6-for-7 from foul stripe, and 5-for-12 from behind 3-point line. Curry was not at his most efficient, but it was still a good game. Boston Celtics Defense in the half court. His technique and his step-back off of the dribble was well-tuned. He also initiated unusually many pick-and rolls that Warriors usually forgo. Curry's dance partner, Draymond Green, which kept the Warriors' dribble handoff game alive.

As is their tradition, the Warriors staged a vigorous rally in the final quarter. They outscored their opponent, the Celtics, 35-14. It was their best quarter-finals point differential in franchise history. Golden State, unlike their Game 1 surge, didn't waste the opportunity on Sunday.

Green's prediction that the Celtics' Game 1 successes would not be sustained proved to be correct. The Celtics' historic 21-for 41 performance, including their eye-popping 9 for-12 fourth-quarter output, was not replicated from 3-point range. However, they shot at a healthy 40%.

In the third quarter, the Celtics had more turnovers (51) than they did successful field goals (44) Boston coach Ime Udoka pulled his bench out of the game with less than ten minutes remaining in the fourth period and the Celtics trailing 29 points.

Although turnovers are a long-standing problem for the Warriors, it was Boston who was most affected by the turnover bug in Game 2. The Celtics were plagued by poor half-court passes, especially in the first half. This almost cancelled out their continuing scintillating shooting beyond the arc. In total, they had 18 turnovers in 96 possessions on Sunday night.

The Warriors won't place Game 2 under any of the 32 Chase Center private wine cellars. Their elegant, trademark offense was sometimes a little too simple. Klay Thompson The Warriors struggled to score for the second consecutive game on the field. Golden State did a great job calibrating its defensive rotations. But there were a few noticeable problems with its pick-and-roll coverage.

The win was a result of the Warriors' defense. Golden State was not able to shoot from the rim accurately, so the Celtics were unable to make it. The Celtics launched from both distance and midrange, and attempted six shots directly at basket. Three fouls were incurred.

One of their most skilled defensive aces returned to the Warriors. Gary Payton II. Payton, who suffered a fracture to his elbow while being pummeled in conference semifinals. Memphis Grizzlies Forward Dillon BrooksThe game was played for 25 minutes.

While the Warriors have avoided a possible disaster in San Francisco with their win, they have some work ahead of them as they prepare for the hostile surroundings at TD Garden. The Warriors won't lose any sleep in Game 2, but there will be plenty of racket outside Boston.

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