NBA playoffs 2022 – Jimmy Butler, Al Horford & the tense finale of Game 7 between Miami Heat & Boston Celtics

MIAMI — Erik Spoelstra scanned the shot as it was leaving MIAMI Jimmy Butler‘s hands. The arc looked nice. It was perfectly rotating. The emotions rose in the Miami Heat Coach's chest as he instinctively kicked up his legs in the final minutes of Sunday's Game 7 at FTX Arena.

Spoelstra said, “I believed it was going down.” “I thought it would've been an incredible storyline to Jimmy to pull up, hit that 3!”

“I was like man, what's the matter?” Boston Celtics Guard Jaylen Brown said.

Ime Udoka, Celtics coach, said that “Oh”, he had been making big shots throughout the series.

“Not again,” thought I Marcus SmartWatching Butler win a clutch shot at the end Game 6 was a great experience.

Butler stood as the ball approached its rim. The nearby Heat bench made a collective leap and coiled to support him. Butler had just played 47 minutes, 45 second of a 48 minute game. This was two days after his 47-minute Boston marathon. The ball ended up hitting right at the front of the rim, whether it was fatigue, lingering soreness, pressure or fatigue.

Spoelstra had a dream about the storyline. The Heat, who were battered, bruised, and simply undermanned in a physical series, pulled off a miracle act to make it to Sunday's contest. This series was tied because of Heat's use of timing, guile, and anti-inflammatories. Miami was at it again in Game 7.

Seven times, the Celtics had increased their lead to double figures seven times and the Heat retook the lead seven times. If Butler's 3-pointer had been made with just 15 seconds remaining, the Heat would have held a one-point advantage — their first lead of the game.

The Heat was a puncher's chance. An underdog with nothing at stake who is willing to take a wild gamble, the Heat. A perfect swing at just the right time could be enough to knock out the favorite.

Butler could have driven to the rim and tied the game. He was able to maintain momentum and have space after starting his own fastbreak after getting a rebound. Butler is an excellent finisher at the rim for the league, with his strength and dexterity making him a perfect player for scoring in traffic.

Butler chose to take the haymaker instead, as he was tired and hurting himself and his team.

“My thought process was to “Go for the win,” which I did,” stated Butler. He backed up his 47-point game 6 score with 35 in Game 7.[I] I missed a shot. I will take that shot. The shot I took was liked by my teammates. It's a beautiful shot and I love it.

Butler doesn't have regrets. However, the miss may sting. The Celtics finished the job a few seconds later. 100-96 victory With a series against the Celtics, they will be able to make their first trip to the NBA Finals for 12 years. Golden State Warriors.

Here is the other side to the story. This is the man who stood up to stop Butler.

The Celtics were about to lose a critical series in one of their worst games. If there was one player the Celtics could have selected to face streaking Butler at that moment, it would be it Al Horford.

Horford did everything perfectly. Horford, who was between the Heat's star and the basket, “loaded” Butler in front of him.

Horford said, “I didn’t know what he would do,” and was still reeling from the loss of his maternal grandfather. It seemed like he was going for the shot. But I had to ensure that I was solid. When he pulled up for the 3 I was like, Let me contest the best way I can. He had a good view of it.”

Horford is the Celtics best defender when it's time to contest shots such as that of Butler. Horford was able to contest 29 more shots than any other Celtic throughout the series, because he is always in the right place.

Butler was 27% against Horford when he took part in the series. When the Milwaukee BucksGiannis Antetokounmpo He defeated Horford in the East semifinal round. He made 37%. Horford completely dominated the Heat's earlier in Sunday's match. Max Strus On a dunk attempt in an example of his ability at 35.

Butler's 3-point shot was clearly a “bad shot” math calculation. Butler, who is not a natural 3-point shooter, made only 19 pull-up 3-pointers throughout the season. He also missed six. He was only 4-of-7 with open 3s in this series. This one felt wide-open. For a second it felt wide-open.



Jimmy Butler claims he's happy with his decision in Game 7 to take a 3-pointer against the Celtics.

Horford said that Butler's shot was “nerve-wracking”. Horford said that Butler's shot was nerve-wracking. “He pulled up, and anything could have occurred there.”

This was Horford's 141st playoff match in his 15-year NBA career. He'd never made it to the Finals before this game, which is the longest streak of consecutive NBA Finals appearances. If he had taken a bit longer to turn and rushed to trouble Butler, perhaps that streak would have been still alive.

Horford tossed the game ball in the air after the contest was over. Horford was presented with the Bob Cousy Trophy, which was presented to the East's champions Celtics.

Horford's joy and that of his team was what made the playoffs so difficult, despite all the disappointments from Butler and the Heat.

“This is not an easy road. Horford stated that it was a difficult journey.BrooklynMiami and Milwaukee, the defending champions, were our opponents. Resiliency is what our group calls it. It's changing the page, moving on, and that's what we did all season.

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