NBA playoffs 2022 – The driving forces behind Tyrese Maxey’s second-year jump with the Philadelphia 76ers

WHILE THE NBAThe world watched the drama of the offseason, Philadelphia 76ersDoc Rivers, Coach, contemplated the future for a point guard NotName Ben Simmons.

Rivers made bold statements when he met with his coaches to discuss lineups ahead of the 2021-22 seasons.

Whatever happened to Simmons Tyrese Maxeywas going to start for 76ers.

“That [was met]A little bit, like “How will we start him with Ben?” Rivers stated this during practice last week. Rivers said this during practice last week.

Maxey was a rookie and had only played 15.3 minutes per match. However, he showed flashes of promise such as an appearance in a 39-point, 44-minute performance last JanuaryWhen four 76ers' starters were forced to sit out due to COVID-19 safety and health protocols. Four months later, he dropped 30 points in just 35 minutes during the 2020-21 regular season finale.

However, this was a leap from point guard to full-time for a team with high-profile veteran players, championship aspirations, and the league’s most storied story.

It was predictable that there would be growing pains in the new season.

“You couldn’t hear anything except ‘Tyrese!” “What the hell Tyrese!” 76ers ahead Georges Niang said, imitating Rivers' voice.

“And you're like, “Man, is this child gonna fold?”

He didn't. Maxey, after getting out of Rivers' early season commentary, has become a fan favourite and a critical player next. Joel EmbiidAnd James Harden.

The 76ers have one win over them Toronto RaptorsMaxey, who has a history of improved jump shots and bursts with speed, is the only person that could help this group reach the Eastern Conference semifinals.

“In my exit interview [last season]Maxey said that his goal was to improve one percent every day. “I stuck to it throughout the summer.”

The result? Maxey is now a spark-plug novice and an offensive threat defenses can't afford not to ignore.

NBA playoffs 2022 – The driving forces behind Tyrese Maxey’s second-year jump with the Philadelphia 76ersWhere Maxey lands on ESPN's 25-under-25 rankings

FEW GUARDS DARTYou can get to the basket faster that Maxey. Problem was what he did after he got there.

Maxey, as a rookie, would often throw up awkward floaters whenever he entered the lanes. Rivers and Maxey agreed that Maxey was too dependent on the 6-foot-2 guard.

Maxey adds, “I have always believed that if i go in there I think I'm going get my shot blocked.”

“But then I just continued doing it until I realized that I was athletic enough to get to the rim and I had enough touch. [that]It's more likely than not that it will go in.”

Maxey then went to school. Maxey grew up idolizing Dwyane Wade as a dynamic combo guard, but he spent much of his summer studying the two best small interior scorers of recent NBA history.

Maxey explains that Tony Parker used a floater but also got to the rim. He was able to place the ball on the backboard at different places where the big couldn’t reach it. “And then Kyrie.” [Irving]… study the spots on your backboard where it can be spun and it will fall in.

Now, according to ESPN Stats & Information, Maxey is finding success attacking the rim from every angle. Maxey's 72 points through the regular season and playoffs rank in the top 10 of all league players.

Maxey's layups and dunks were 60.5% during the regular season. This is an increase of 54.7% from 2020-21. Maxey is automatic in the playoffs. He has gone 13-for-13 from the restricted zone.

Nick Nurse, Raptors coach, said Sunday that “He gets to he front of the rim before you help is there because his speed.” He's got quite a bit of the offensive package, that's certain.”

The package would not be complete without a major upgrade to Maxey’s jump shot. This meant that there were many reps from the arc this summer.

Maxey said, “I would rise and I'd be at the gym.” “I would be the first one to arrive at the gym at 6 am and try to get at least 700, 800 shots. After that, I would go to the gym and lift weights. I'd then come back at 10 [a.m.]And I'm doing it the same way.”

This offseason challenge has yielded historic results.

Maxey shot 30% on 1.7 3-point attempts per match last season and then shot 42.7% on more than four attempts per match in 2021-22.

Only two other players have used the 3-point line since the NBA introduced it in 1979-80. Allan HoustonAnd Todd Day — saw their percentages jump by at least 12% on such a dramatic increase in attempts, per ESPN Stats & Information research.

It was 1994-95 when Day and Houston had their 3-point line moved back to 22 feet. Maxey is therefore the only player in NBA history to have seen such a significant improvement over the standard 3-point line.

Maxey also managed to shoot 44.9% in catch-and-shoot 3, which was the sixth-best score among all the 175 players who tried at least 150 of these shots this season.

Raptors guard: “It changes their dynamic,” Fred VanVleetMaxey scored 17.5 points per game last year, an increase of 8.0 points from his rookie year.

“Whenever you have a guy who's speedy and athletic and has become a great shooter, it changes the floor spacing, the balance, and the way they operate. It frees Joel and it frees James.”

AS HARDEN DRIBBLEDWhen he looked up to the left court, he noticed a blur in a jersey with a blue streak behind Toronto's retreating defence.

Harden fired a dime. A two-handed, crosscourt bounce went right to Maxey. Maxey launched to the opposite side of the rim and then soared back. to finish a left-handed reverse layup, avoiding the blocking attempt by the chasing Pascal SiakamIn the course of this process.

What started out as a transition break became a lasting photograph of Maxey’s outstanding playoff performance and season.

Maxey's 2021-22, Harden stated that he saw growth after seeing his. 38-point Game 1. “I saw him from being up-and-down and not really having consistent minutes last year in the postseason to starting and having a huge role on a championship-contending team.”

Maxey, 21 years old, has transformed from a rookie to a key player in the 76ers' future. deemed untouchable in the Harden-Simmons trade discussions.

Maxey has enjoyed Maxey's success thanks to Harden’s superb passing and the defensive attention Embiid commands.

Maxey is adamant that Philadelphia will have one of the best big threes in the league, and he's moving forward with Harden signing a long-term deal this summer.

Rivers still grumbles occasionally, though it is usually Maxey's defense. But the 76ers guard of today and tomorrow has earned the respect of coaches, opponents, and his teammates.

“If it were up to me, he'd probably be the most improved player in the league,” Embiid stated before the start the playoffs.[with]He's done so much and it was a far better situation than we were last year.

“I have always believed that it would pay off.”

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