NBA playoffs 2022 — The other half of a viral poster dunk

JAYLEN BROWN SPLITA pair of Dallas MavericksThe defenders at top of the key took two more full-speed steps following the gather, and were ready to take off from the restricted area.

It was the third quarter at Boston's TD Garden. Brown's green runway had just been transformed into paint. However, the Celtics' star swingman was accompanied by another player in front of it.

Maxi KleberThe Mavericks' 6'10 defensive-minded power forward/center, who was willing to take on Brown's 6-foot-6 opponent, was willing and able to risk being left behind in a viral poster dunk attempt by one of the most explosive leapers in the league.

Was he ever.

Kleber was stunned when Brown blew up Kleber's tomahawk with a vicious blast to the face to excite a national TV audience. Garnett also joined the sellout crowd and slapped fives from his baseline seat in celebration of the moment.

Seconds later, Twitter was retweeted by the official account of the Celtics. “OH MY GOODNESS JAYLEN BROWN”With a video of the play that received more than 2 million views. The NBA's Twitter account has posted three clips from different angles of replays. It has nearly 37,000,000 followers. Brown and Kleber became trending quickly due to the flood of mocking tweets about Kleber's failed contest.

There wasn't much commentary on Kleber's contribution to the Mavericks' comeback win, but there was plenty of social media coverage. Kleber had 13 rebounds and three blocks from the bench.

Kleber has been in such a precarious place before. He was at the Dallas playoff opener in 2021 when he last caught the attention of casual fans. when Kleber unsuccessfully attemptedTo stop LA Clippersstar Kawhi LeonardYou can finish on a fast break.

After executing a powerful dunk, Leonard flexed. Kleber fell to his backside.

Leonard and his teammates Paul George Marcus Morris Sr. Kleber was interrupted by Kleber shouting and glaring in his direction. This image is immortalized on social media. It was even seen in the groundbreaking for the new Clippers arena site months later. on the back of the hoodieLeonard wore the same outfit to the event.

The Mavericks won, by the way. That game, too.

In the age of social media, such is life as a NBA rim protector. Kleber, along with some of the best paint defenders in the league, will meet the league's top dunkers mid-air. The high stakes for the Mavericks in 2022 NBA playoffs will make it difficult to ignore the negative attention from social media.

Kleber stated that although you know it might happen every once in awhile, you don't have to stop playing your game because of virality. “Whenever there is a highlight, people are tagged. There will be comments and this.

“But this internet universe is not the real one.”

RUDY GOBERT'STATUREHis failed dunk competitions are a great source of social media content because of his status.

The Utah JazzHe is a 7'1″ and 258-pound mountain, who has been awarded three Defensive Players of the Year trophies. It's not surprising that he is a recognized rim protector of the highest caliber. a foe dunking on Gobert tends to go viralIn a way that his defensive dominance often doesn't.

Gobert stated, “I used get pissed off.” “Now, I kinda embrace it, you see what I mean? I know I can do 10 things well and that it won't be highlighted. The one mistake I make is.

Sometimes it's like “Oh, there you are.” They will celebrate this one. It's been almost two months since I was dunked on but they'll definitely be celebrating this one. It makes me laugh, and I love seeing how they celebrate it.

There's a story. It's almost like there's some national celebration when I'm dunked on or cross over. It's an honor.”

Gobert was disappointed by the highlights culture on February 12, 2020. One play was the focus of the discussion that night. Miami Heatcenter Bam AdebayoGobert was muscled on a drive, and he finished with a strong two-handed dunk.

Gobert's dominant performance throughout the game — 16 rebounds, 20 rebounds and two blocks in a convincing Utah victory — was barely worthy of a mention.

Adebayo said, “That dunk wasn't working,” but he didn't seem to be able to stop laughing. “But we lost.” Adebayo, who was fourth in the Defensive Player Of The Year award this year, right behind Gobert can relate. Adebayo is just a coincidence, to paraphrase an old saying Russell Westbrookquote — To be blessed with the ability to not give a darn.

“There are a lot of freak athletes out there. You wouldn't think someone would get dunked on. Adebayo stated. “It's my mentality. I respect those who try to block all things.

“We are responsible for many things on the court, including protecting the rim. Although you may have been dunked on, it still gives you two points at end of day. It wasn't a 10-point play. It's all history thanks to social media.

Gobert is concerned about how his social media accounts, which amplify his mistakes, can influence perceptions of his game. While he is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram, he has taken steps to avoid social media from affecting him psyche. For example: He does not check his locker room for social media reactions immediately after games. He also doesn't tap the like button on any posts that are critical of him.

Gobert stated, “I used to always claim that I used that as motivation. It's true. But, you also give people energy that you can give away or give to yourself.” “The most important thing is to not get discouraged or fazed about what happens on Social Media for myself and other players.”

For many big men, however, this is not the most frustrating aspect of social media. It's the floods of fan comments on their mentions.

Adebayo stated that “we bust our arse every day in these gymnasiums.” Yes, we take offense.

“I don't look at them because I know they exist.” what it can do to some people's mentals. I'm strong-minded but you see something insane on Twitter. It's highly disrespectful and you, as a man will respond.”

MILES BRIDGES WASThe lone defender in a 2-on-1 fast-break. It was overtime against the visiting Celtics on Oct. 25, who were ahead by three points. Jayson TatumHe threw his final and eighth assist of the evening.

Brown's highlight reel could be extended with another clip.

Bridges was defeated by Brown on the floor. Brown launched and punched the ball through the hoops with one hand to win Boston's second victory of the season.

Bridges was questioned by social media about Brown's relationship after the game. He explained that split-second decision.

Players may make business decisions and decide not to challenge a dunk to avoid embarrassment. Sometimes, these decisions are appropriate. For example, if the defender is too late to prevent a dunk or if the contest could injure the offensive player.

It's still a common practice, though, that's generally disapproved of by the NBA's most respected rim protectors. Adebayo declared, “I am not in that business.”

Bridges, who possesses touch-the-top-of-the-backboard level hops, has been on the other side plenty of times. Perhaps the most memorable moment was at the expense Atlanta HawksCenter Clint CapelaApril 2021

Bridges caught the ball on the left side and beat Capela off the dribble to center of the floor. Then he took off from the dotted-line. Capela also leapt as Bridges launched, his arms straight up. Capela was not ready and too slow. Bridges turned the ball back and almost tore off the rim using his right hand.

“Yeah, I got caught,” Capela said. He jumped and I didn't think he would do it. He jumped far. Then, boof.

“When he made it I heard this noise. I then realized that it was —.'. After the game, it was all over the place.

The official NBA account even tweeted the video twice. Bridges shared a picture on Instagram of the moment right before the dunk, which received over 173,000 likes.

The Hornets had a five-point lead at 3:47. It was so easy, it seemed, to be forgotten. Capela scored 20 points and grabbed 15 rebounds to help make a late comeback with no star guard injury Trae Young. The win had significant playoff-seeding implications for weeks before the Hawks embarked on their incredible run to the Eastern Conference finals.

Capela said, “Well, that's part the business, I guess.” He received notifications about the dunk each time he checked his smartphone. “I hope that the NBA makes more money off it. They made a lot off that one.

“That's what I signed-up for.”

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