NBA playoffs 2022 – What to see in Boston Celtics – Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks Game 7s

Which NBA hopefuls will join the Miami Heat Golden State WarriorsAre you in the conference finals

Sunday's Game 7s will feature two series that are completely different.

The Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks (3:30 p.m. ET, ABCEach () has fought their way into their final, each winning classics at the opponent's feet behind star performances Jayson Tatum Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The rest of the year, however, will be Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks (8 p.m. ET, TNTWhile ) might be tied going into Game 7, only two matchups have been decided in single digits. Three others were decided by at most 20 points.

These Game 7s, regardless of how each team got there, will shape the legacy of players like Antetokounmpo and Tatum. Chris Paul, Devin Booker Luka Doncic. What superstars will rise up to the occasion to help their teams get closer to the NBA Finals.

These are some things you should be aware of before every showdown.

Celtics-Bucks has the Celtics-Bucks Legacies

The regular season's final day is over. Milwaukee BucksChance to win the No. With a win, the Bucks had a chance to secure the No. 2 seed in Eastern Conference. The Bucks instead decided to rest their starters, and lost the game. This set the stage for the Boston CelticsTo move ahead of them in standings, he played their regular rotation.

Because of this decision, the decisive Game 7 will take place in Boston on Sunday afternoon.

“Good old Game 7″ Beautiful,” Bucks star Giannis AntetokounmpoAfter Game 6. “You don’t know if your ever going to be a part in a Game 7… so don’t take it as a given.”

During this back-and forth series, each team has won in the other's building. The road team has won four out of six games, including three straight. Milwaukee beat the odds to win Game 7 on road during round 2. NetsBrooklyn was the last place to be in a similar series.

However, the Bucks have a much more difficult challenge this year. They must not move forward. Khris MiddletonThe absence of, which is becoming more apparent with each game.

The Bucks are the team with the lowest offensive rating in the second round. Antetokounmpo scored a total of 44 points in Game 6. The Bucks' combined total of 51 points was 51. Milwaukee was at minus-29 for 22 minutes Grayson AllenOn the floor, minus-22 in 19 Minutes Brook Lopez. George HillIn the four games he has played, he has not scored a single basket.

Antetokounmpo has maintained his dominance and found a way that he could make his mark against the Celtics' infuriating defense. This series has seen Antetokounmpo average 35.3 points, 13.8 rebound and 6.8 assists. He is one of only four NBA players to achieve this feat, and the only person to do it twice last year (last year's Finals).

But his brilliance is being matched by Celtics star Jayson TatumFollowing a poor Game 3 performance, Tatum responded well and finished with 10 points from 4-of-19 shooting. If Boston wins the series, Tatum has been averaging 36.7 point, 9.3 rebound and 4.3 assists. His 46-point performance from Game 6 will be etched in Celtics' history. Milwaukee must have better performances by its role players in order for Antetokounmpo to win this series.

Boston will need to continue to rely on its smothering defense, and Tatum's elite shotmaking to rescue them from offensive ruts. Antetokounmpo and Tatum have already been in a duel that will be etched in history. One of them could cement a legendary performance in Game 7.

Jamal Collier

Suns-Mavs is where all the pressure is on the one side

The MavericksJason Kidd said that the Suns won “a little more recess time” during their Game 6 win. This was based on his postgame talk in locker room.

It's a fun way to frame Game 7. This is the most important game in the NBA. However, Kidd and the Mavs' loose underdogs believe that there will be only one team under pressure Sunday afternoon at the Footprint Center.

Of course, that would be a PhoenixThis squad is coming off an NBA Finals appearance and has the best record this season. It is led by a 37 year-old legend. Chris PaulHe is currently on a quest to win his first championship ring.

Kidd stated that “we're young”. It's not a coincidence that six Mavericks' top eight minutes leaders in the playoffs have at least 29-years-old. He doesn't seem to be aware of this fact. “We have a 23 year old star who plays at a high level every evening. He is fun to watch and people love playing with him. It has been a wonderful learning experience. We will get better, but this only the beginning of our journey. We are confident that we can achieve something special because we know no one else brought us here.

Kidd was confused by the word “elimination” before Game 6. As the Dallas coach said in his first season, “We're just beginning and it's great.”

Despite the six previous contests being close, it's been an oddly easy series. Game 7 will decide the series. Both teams have defended their home courts with relative ease. This is a trend that the Suns will hope to continue in the series finale.

Suns star: “I believe we worked all season for home-court advantage, and to get the last game at our house. That's exciting.” Devin Booker said. “It is Game 7, man. “I have never been in Game 7.”

Booker did however prove to be a good closer in his first taste of the playoffs. Kidd often refers to Booker's 47-point performance last season as an assistant at the Lakers bench. Paul's 141 playoff games and the Suns' starting lineup remain intact from their Finals run.

The Mavs' young stars, and Brunson is one of them, are not afraid to perform under pressure. Brunson won two NCAA titles at Villanova. Doncic has won a number of championships with Real Madrid as well as the Slovenian national team.

What's the best example of coming out on top in hostile situations where there are high stakes? Doncic scored a 31-point triple double when Slovenia won its first men's basketball Olympics bid. It beat Lithuania on Lithuanian soil. These are the kind of opportunities Doncic craves.

Doncic stated that before the game begins, there is a feeling similar to butterflies in your stomach. That feeling is what I like. It's a basketball feeling. That is a great feeling.

— Tim MacMahon

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