NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

NBArank returns for the 12th season to count down the best players in league.

Are there MVP candidates like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid Nikola Jokic? What about young players and rookies who are ready to make the jump into the top tier of NBA basketball players?

Where are you? LeBron JamesHe is about to enter his 20th season.

We asked our panel of experts to vote for two players in order to get the final NBArank prediction. LeBron vs. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry vs. Ja Morant, Luka vs. Jayson Tatum The list goes on.

We asked the question, “Which of these players will be better in 2022/23?” Voters were required to predict the performance of each player in 2022-23.

We have already released players Nos. 100-26 Nos. 25-11. Our rankings today continue to the league's top 10 stars.

Notice: ESPN's NBArank panel of over 200 journalists, editors and producers asked players to be ranked based on their predicted contributions (quality and quantity) for the 2022/23 season.

NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

Phoenix Suns | SG

2021 NBArank: No. 15

Booker is just 25 years old. He's already been a three-time All-Star, and he also came off an All-NBA selection. Booker and his smooth offensive play should be in contention for the title of best shooting guard in the league for years.

He rose five spots

Booker's ascendant season, which included a run in the NBA Finals and an Olympic gold medal that led Phoenix to 64 wins in the regular-season — ended with a sudden fall. The Suns were bounced unceremoniously from the playoffs' second round. Booker combined to shoot 9-for 31 in Games 6 and 7, against Dallas.

Booker's 26.8 average points per game last year ranked him No. He was also ranked 12th in the league, further cementing Booker's reputation as one the game's best scorers. He'll now take his scoring skills to the next level in crunch time. Booker shot 48.5% from the overall court in the first nine minutes last season and 42.1% from quarter 3. What happened in the final three minutes? He scored 41.8% on the field and 31.8% deep.

One huge question for 2022-23

Over the past two seasons, the Suns won a staggering 74.6% of regular season games. However, their flameouts are just as important as their success. Booker's climb to All-Star status was largely unaffected by expectations. To further his position in the game, he will need to win in the playoffs.

Booker is a player who is able to grow in today's NBA. The top tier of NBA superstardom is reserved only for players who can dominate both ends. Booker's offense relies heavily on his finesse, footwork, and angles. He's known for being a strong defensive player who can work within team structures. Can he get more aggressive with his stops?

— Dave McMenamin

NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

Memphis Grizzlies | PG

2021 NBArank: No. 31

Morant may be the NBA's most charismatic player. A high-flying acrobat, Morant has a confident edge that can lead to arrogance. Morant is a must-see television for the Grizzlies.

The reason he rose 22 places

Morant went from promising franchise cornerstone last season to bonafide superstar. Morant's scoring increased by more than eight points per games to 27.1. This elevated him into the top echelon offensive weapons, earning him his first All-Star berth. Most Improved Player award.

Morant is a pure guard who can score inside well despite his height of 6'3. His unique combination of speed, finesse and fearlessness makes him an outstanding point guard. He averaged 16.6 paint points last season, becoming the only guard to lead the league in that category over the last 25 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

One huge question for 2022-23

Morant could be even better. Morant, 23, is capable of making huge improvements on the defensive side. His slim frame makes him an easy target and he can lose his focus.

Although he is a troublemaker offensively, just imagine how difficult Morant's defense would be if his 3-point shooting (34.4% last year) improves. Morant could be difficult to contain if his 3-point shot (34.4% last season) is consistent.

— Tim MacMahon

NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

Brooklyn Nets | SF

2021 NBArank: No. 1

Durant was the one who drove the NBA's summer conversation. then pulling backA trade request from Brooklyn. One of the most interesting questions in the league is how he will fit back into the Nets culture after asking for Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash to be fired.

The reason he dropped seven spots

Durant was one the most respected players on the planet when he played. Durant was unable to stay on the court, which is the problem with his former MVP status.

His knee injury ended his season with almost two months' worth of games. He missed a significant portion of the following year. Durant has been a part of 90 of the possible 152 regular season games in each of the last two seasons. Durant, who turns 34 in the season's final, must prove that he is healthy enough to help the Nets return to the East elite.

One huge question for 2022-23

Durant's commitment to the Nets, aside from his health, remains the biggest question. Durant's trade request, and the uncertainty surrounding it, come after a season that was full of emotions for the team. Kyrie Irving Ben Simmons The Nets are one of the most interesting stories in the NBA. What happens when things get difficult? Are old frustrations likely to rise?

— Nick Friedell

NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

Boston Celtics | SF

2021 NBArank: No. 14

Tatum has just completed his first All-NBA appearance and won the Eastern Conference finals MVP. He also made his first trip to the NBA Finals. Tatum is poised to make another leap into his sixth season.

Why he rose seven places

Tatum did not make any of three All-NBA teams for 2020-21, but he was a worthy first team member. Tatum led Boston's dramatic turnaround from being less than.500 in early January to finishing second in East and advanced to the Finals.

Tatum also set a new career high of 26.9 points per games, increased his 3-point try rate, and is still one of the top two-way wing players of the league.

One huge question for 2022-23

Tatum showed some improvement as a passer last year — something coach Ime Umoka stressed since arriving in last summer — but he must keep improving that aspect of his game. This will allow him to compete for the top spot on the list.

While his assist total was basically the same in the regular season as it was during the regular season they rose during playoffs. They reached seven per game during Finals. He'll be trying to rebound from a disappointing performance in his series against The. Golden State WarriorsHe shot 30.8% from 2-point range in six games.

— Tim Bontemps

NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

Los Angeles Lakers | SF

2021 NBArank: No. 3

It's season No. It's season 20 for James and there are many stakes for the all-time great. He needs 1,323 points To eclipse Kareem Abdul-Jabbar The NBA's greatest scorer is the Lakers, but it's the Lakers team's success that will determine the moment's resonance.

He fell three spots

James missed the playoffs his second season as a Laker. He had only missed the postseason once in his first 15 seasons in the league. James' average of 30.3 points per contest was unheard of for a 19 year veteran. However, he lost 26 games to injuries and a roster that wasn't right for him. This made it one the worst seasons in franchise history.

James has already redefined what a player's prime time can be. It would be foolish to let him go too soon. However, it is hard to overlook that the Lakers had a negative James had a net rating of 0 with James on the floor, which is sufficient to take him out the top five in our rankings, regardless of his offensive output.

One huge question for 2022-23

Mitten in dropping 42 points James said that he was 100 percent healthy during an appearance in L.A.’s Drew League in July. James has a solid base to help him get back on track.

It begs the question, can James enjoy the good fortune of being healthy while at the same time? Anthony Davis They can and the Lakers will have the chance to repeat the success that brought them a title in 2020. The Lakers can return to the playoffs if Anthony and James are able to play the majority of L.A. games. This will allow them to overcome the difficulties of working in. Russell Westbrook Darvin Ham as your coach.


NBArank 2022 – Ranking the top players for 2022-22-23, starting at 10 and ending at 6

NBArank 2022 Nos. 100-26 | Nos. 25-11 | Nos. 10-6 | Nos. 5-1 (coming Friday).

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