Nets’ Ben Simmons gets booed after Sixers ruin his Philadelphia return

Nets' Ben Simmons gets booed after Sixers ruin his Philadelphia return

PHILADELPHIA Ben Simmons He knew the kind of reception he would get Sixers Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center. After a contentious divorce, he was no longer with the team that made them the No. After a contentious divorce with the team that made him the No. 1, he was forced to leave Philadelphia in 2016 because he knew his fans would vent their frustrations in many ways.

After nearly getting a triple-double, I was able to score 11 points and 11 assists while grabbing 7 rebounds. Brooklyn Nets In a 115-106 loss Simmons told the Sixers that he was glad to have cleared another emotional hurdle on his return.

Simmons declared after the match that “I feel like my life is in a good place.” “I'm happy doing what I love. That was an amazing experience. It wasn't what we expected. Although it was frustrating to lose such a game, I believe it was a positive step in the right direction.

Simmons was forced to sit out the Nets win over Sixers because of a back injury. Fans cheered “F— Ben Simmons!” Fans booed Simmons every time he touched the ball on the floor throughout the night.

Simmons smiled at the reception after it was over on Tuesday.

Simmons admitted that Philadelphia would likely respond the same way to him, but his Brooklyn teammates and coaches were impressed with the way Simmons embraced the moment.

“I believe it is a mental obstacle that you have to overcome,” Nets guard Kyrie Irving Simmons, he said. “He played exceptionally well a few games ago, and then he came in tonight. I think he played well tonight.” We all just have to support and be there together.”

Nets star forward Kevin DurantAfter signing with the, he experienced a similar game when he returned to Oklahoma City in February 2017. Golden State WarriorsIrving's sentiment was shared by.

Durant stated, “There are a lot emotions.” You just want the best. We know that fans will get involved and excited. That's true for every sport. Everyone wants to see our team fail. Everyone wants to see our team fail. Nobody likes Ben. Ky is not liked by anyone. I might feel the same way at every road arena.

“So it's just a thing we had to deal. But I thought [Simmons] Did a fantastic job of handling it and playing his part. We had opportunities to win, but we didn’t win.”

Durant answered Durant's question about why people don't love the Nets. If they don't like your team, they still love you. It's misplaced love, I suppose. But we get it. We enjoy playing, at the end of it all.”

Durant pointed out that Simmons was treated badly by Philadelphians because Simmons chose to play for another team from another city.

Durant stated that they believe they had all shared a lot with Ben, and didn't like the ending. Durant also said Sixers fans “want their anger to be heard.”

He said, “They feel like part of the team, the league, so fans want be heard.” “In the last decade of the NBA, a lot more fans were heard via social media and that is how we spotlight the fans today. Both sides are important. That's part the game. I believe Ben is aware of that. That is something we all know. We are respected as men by the fans, but there is a part to sports. [that includes] Being targeted, heckling. It's all part of it.”

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