New York Giants’ RB Saquon Barley has begun to trust his body and’starting back that swagger’

EAST RUTHERFORD (N.J.) New York Giants Running back Saquon Barkley Is starting to feel his old self again. This means it took some time for it to return.

Barkley admitted for the first time Wednesday after Wednesday's minicamp, that his confidence has taken a serious hit in recent times. He was unsure of his right knee after he tore the ACL and meniscus in the 2020 season. This contributed to his difficulties last year.

Things are beginning to improve after three years of being injured.

“Coming in to this [minicamp]Focus on your body and work on it. Barkley stated that he does all the little things to ensure my body is healthy. Barkley said that when you have this, trusting your body will make you more confident. The difference is amazing, I'd say. [from college to now] I was much more confident as a player in college than I was in the beginning of my career.

“Now, I feel like I have the swagger back.”

It would only be a matter time. Barkley, 25, will be playing this season with the fifth-year option under his rookie contract.

This would have seemed impossible at one time. The No. The No. 2 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft was named Offensive Rider of the Year. He compiled 2,028 yards in his first professional season. In his three seasons since, he's accumulated 2,391 yards.

Barkley sustained an ankle injury in 2019, which was followed by a torn anterior cruciate ligament in 2020, and another injury in the ankle last year. Barkley, a star running back, was still recovering from the injury at the end of last year.

Barkley stated that he feels a lot better now than he did last year. Barkley said that he was rehabbing. My body feels good. My body feels strong. My strength is back. I feel like I have my speed back. I feel like I have regained my faith in my knee. To trust in myself, I must make plays without worrying about it.

Barkley's season was marred by lack of trust. He had just 593 yards rushing in 13 games. He ran minus-0.28 yards more than expected.

The offseason is different. Barkley was the No. 1 pick for his athleticism and supreme athleticism. Barkley's supreme athleticism that made him the No. 2 pick seems to have returned. Brian Daboll, the Giants' new coach, is using him everywhere on the field. It reminds Barkley of Penn State college.

Daboll spoke of the things he saw from Barkley this spring: “The routes we ask him to run; his quickness, ability to get into and out of breaks; his long speed. It's all looked great.”

Barkley is clearly a key part of the Giants new offense. Daboll stated that it would be built around the Giants skill guys.

Barkley is at the top of this list. In each of his mandatory minicamp practices, he had touchdown receptions from the backfield.

“Yeah, I can see a talented player. Daboll expressed his gratitude for the addition of Daboll to our team. I look forward to working alongside him. Since I was just running around on the field, he's been amazing. He's been an impressive player. We were able to do it without pads and under pressure. He has done an excellent job of all the tasks we asked him to perform to this point.

Thursday marks the end of the Giants offseason workout program. They will then be off until training camp begins in late July.

Barkley also knows that there is still much work to be done before the season begins.

He said, “Yeah my body feels really great.” “But you need to keep going. Gotta keep going. You have to keep going. I need to be stronger, faster, and more healthy so that I can bring home a high note at camp and throughout the season.

The first step is to be healthy in spring. The next step is to stay healthy during training camp and for the remaining 17 weeks.

It makes sense to wait and watch.

Barkley said, “You can't get too high about it because it is just minicamp right now.” “But all the little stuff and building confidence in here and taking this break that we have hopefully catapults me through camp, into the regular season or beyond.”

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