New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson ignores social media developments willfully

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson ignores social media developments willfully

FLORHAM PARK N.J. — New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson He has a bad day at work and is blasted on Twitter. He claims so.

Wilson said Tuesday that he had deleted all his social media apps from his smartphone at the beginning of training camp in order to block out the noise. It's not something new to New York; he started the practice at BYU during his college days.

He said, “It's great for disconnecting and my mind's 100% here, focused upon what it's supposed be focused on,” after practice. “I prefer to listen to my coaches in the meeting room than all the other people.”

Wilson believes that social media is not worth the effort. Many athletes use it to reach fans and promote their brands. Wilson enjoys it in the offseason, but he relies on his social media team for content selection once football starts in July.

He said, “When it comes to reading things I don't get into that stuff.” “I don’t scroll through social media.

He plays quarterback for the Jets, which hasn't been to the playoffs since 2001. It is a challenging job. Wilson was drafted second overall in 2021 with the hopes that he would lead a Renaissance. He had his struggles as a rookie and was not able to perform well in the first week.

Twitter is abuzz when he makes an interception during practice. Social media has also been influenced by his social life.

“You always get people, (saying), ‘Don't look at social media, blah, blah, blah.' Wilson explained that there are good and bad in every situation. Wilson said, “It just boils down to me limiting which voices I need to hear. Right now, it's hearing what my coaches and other quarterbacks have had to say and what my teammates think on every play.

“Even parents sometimes can distract.”

Wilson's mom, Lisa Wilson (119,000 followers on Instagram), is active on social networking.

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