New York Knicks’ Cam Reddish has been reinstated for the season after shoulder separation

New York KnicksForward Cam ReddishThe team announced Thursday that the right shoulder separation will prevent them from playing the remainder of the season.

Reddish will recover in six weeks. This means that Reddish should be able to work full-time for the 2022-23 season. Sources told ESPN.

Reddish, 22 years old, had been an integral part of the Knicks' team since the All Star break. However, he suffered a shoulder injury in a fall during a game against the Thunder. Sacramento KingsMonday

Reddish is eligible to negotiate a rookie contract extension with New York. Reddish, who is 28-38 and currently on a three-game winning streak, had hoped to have a better look at Reddish before he talks about his rookie contract extension. However, he will now be unable to play in the 16 remaining regular season games.

After several teams had tried to make deals with Reddish, Reddish was traded to the Knicks on Jan. 10. Atlanta HawksTo acquire him.

The Knicks have traded a 2022 first round draft pick via this Charlotte HornetsForward Kevin Knox IITo the Hawks for Reddish and Solomon Hill, as well as a 2025 second round pick.

Reddish, who was the 10th overall pick in 2019, was limited by the overcrowded Hawks roster of talented young wings players. He was unable to get a contract extension or a role in the Hawks roster, so the Hawks decided to trade him. Reddish's career highs in points (11.9), field-goal percentage (40%), and free throw percentage (90%) were prior to his trade to the Knicks. Reddish shot 38% on 3-pointers, an improvement of 26% last year.

Reddish scored an average of 6.1 points per game in just 14.3 minutes during 15 games with Knicks. Reddish had 17 points Sunday against the Toronto Raptors, which was his best performance as an Knick. LA Clippers.

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