New York Mets star Francisco Lindor will sit out Thursday, after slamming in the hotel door with his finger.

LOS ANGELES — Francisco Lindor He slammed his fingers against a door, and will not see it again. New York Mets‘Series opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday night

He stated, “The 12th year was the last time I prick a finger.”

The team had arrived in Los Angeles before the four-game series between two of the top National League teams. Shortstop Michael Martinez was hurt. He was closing one double door in his hotel room.

He stated, “They both closed at the exact same time and next thing you know, I got a swollen hand.” “I ran around in the room for about three minutes. It was too much for me to see. It made me feel like my heart was in that finger.”

Lindor's right thumb was swollen, and his nail bed was darkened. According to Lindor, the injury limited his ability throw and grip a baseball bat. He is not expected to miss longer than one day.

Manager Buck Showalter briefly considered Lindor as the designated batter, but decided to seat him instead.

Lindor has now driven in at least one run for a record 10 games straight. He has 43 RBIs and is currently batting.365.

Lindor stated, “It's frustrating not to be out there with them,” in the visitor's dugout at Dodger Stadium. “I want be out there every single day and do everything it takes to help my team win.”

Lindor claimed that his teammates were not razzing Lindor because they know he is “not too happy.”

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