New York Rangers fan banned from Madison Square Garden for life after being ‘assassinated’ by a Tampa Bay Lightning supporter

Madison Square Garden states it has banned all forms of violence New York Rangers He was a hit with the public and has been a lifelong fan. Tampa Bay Lightning After Thursday's game 5, fan in the eye

A video on social media shows that the Rangers fan punched the Lightning fan as the two were walking along the concourse following Tampa Bay's game. 3-1 win. While others attended to the fan being attacked, the assailant seemed to move on.

Madison Square Garden released a statement Friday calling the incident an “abhorrent attack” and stating that the Rangers fan attacked another person who attempted to intervene.

“We fully cooperate with law enforcement because this is a criminal matter. The Garden and all MSG venues will be closed to the assailant for life,” MSG stated in a statement. All guests, regardless of their team affiliation, should feel safe in The Garden. This is our policy.

Multiple media outlets received confirmations from police that a Staten Island man aged 29 was being held on two counts each of assault, disorderly behavior and harassment.

In the best-of-7 series, the Lightning lead by a score of 3-2. If the Rangers beat Saturday, Game 7 would take place at Madison Square Garden.

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