New York Yankees are interested in playing in MLB’s 2025 games in France

New York Yankees are interested in playing in MLB’s 2025 games in France

NEW YORK — Find pinstripes at Paris.

The New York Yankees Major League Baseball has heard from two people familiar about the plans that they are interested in being one of the teams to host the sport's first game in Europe at the Stade de France, outside Paris, during 2025. Because MLB has not released details, the people spoke under oath because they were not allowed to speak publicly.

“That's cool. It sounds very exciting,” Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole said. “That's going be a really unique opportunity.”

MLB has yet to make decisions about France teams. Instead, it has been more focused upon the 2023 schedule with its new balanced format.

Additionally, San Francisco Giants And San Diego Padres One person said that they were selected for the games in Mexico City next year, but it was not disclosed who.

Saint-Denis stadium, France, was built in 1998 for the 1998 World Cup. It was also the venue of the Champions League final. It holds approximately 80,000 people.

New York played MLB's London games, winning a series of two from the Boston Red Sox 17-13 at West Ham's Olympic Stadium. 12-8 in June 2019. MLB hosted players that night at the Tower of London.

Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, said that the team loved it. “Our guys loved it from spring training, when they saw it was coming. It was evident that there was genuine excitement among our team about the trip in the weeks leading up to it. It was a positive experience for me and my team. It was a wonderful venue, and it was a great break during the season.”

Both the Red Sox and Yankees travelled after Wednesday's home-day games. They had two days off prior to the weekend series.

Yankees outfielder, Joey Boswell, stated that “The most important thing in life is to be able have an off day to sort of get yourself on track” and to adjust to the time zone. Aaron HicksHe was the first homer of a major league player in England.

St. Louis and The Chicago Cubs were scheduled to have played in London, 2020. But, the games were canceled by the pandemic. They are now the likely teams to play in London, 2023. The new collective bargaining agreement calls for London games to be held in 2024 and 2025 before France's first games in 2025. A return to London is also planned in 2026.

MLB's CBA envisages an annual Mexico City game in 2023-26, with an Asian opener and Tokyo opener in 2024.

The Tokyo Openers include the previous ones. New York Mets-Chicago Cubs 2000, Yankees Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2004). Red Sox-Oakland Athletics (2008), Seattle Mariners-Athletics (2012), and Mariners-Athletics (2018).

MLB has also played international matches in Sydney, Australia (Dodgers)Arizona Diamondbacks In 2014), and Monterrey in Mexico (Mets San Diego Padres in1996) Colorado Rockies-Padres, 1999; Padres-Dodgers 2018, CardinalsCincinnati Reds 2019 Houston AstrosLos Angeles Angels In 2019,

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the San Diego-Arizona series that was scheduled in Mexico City for April 2020 has been cancelled.

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