New York Yankees Nestor Cortes claims Jim Kaat is sorry for his remark and has no intention of hurting anyone.

Jim Kaat has apologized Nestor CortesWith the New York Yankees A left-hander tweeted Friday saying he does not believe the comment made the day before by the longtime. Minnesota Twins The announcer had ill intentions.

Kaat had called Cortes “Nestor The Molestor” during a Twins-television broadcast.Detroit Tigers game. He started to explain how Cortes had been one of his favorites pitchers during a breakthrough season for New York.

Kaat stated, “Nestor the Molestor Nestor Cortes,” “Angles at different speeds. He's a pitcher.

Cortes stated after Thursday's Yankees game that he was not offended by Kaat's comments, and he repeated that assertion. in the social media post Friday.

He wrote, “Jim Kaat spent an entire life playing this game we love.” “He reached out and apologized to me for his last-minute comment, but he didn’t need to. Everyone makes mistakes, and we all feel 100% that there was no malice. This tweet will be my way of lifting Jim up and I hope that others will do the same. Jim, it's not a problem!

Thursday's statement by the Twins indicated that they would handle all incidents “internally” and “privately.”

Kaat, a veteran commentator who also worked for the Yankees, MLB Network and MLB, apologized to teams in October after saying that they should “get a field 40 acres full of” players who look similar to White Sox infielders. Yoan Moncada.

He made the comment about Moncada to remind viewers of the promise by the U.S. government that those who freed slaves would get 40 acres and one mule after the Civil War. Later, he apologized in the game between the Houston Astros White Sox.

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