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Party's over. Two more NHL head coaches are packing up their desks north, despite the fact that the Vegas signage from the All-Star celebrations is still visible. Hours later, Montreal CanadiensDominique Ducharme was shown to the door. Dave Tippett and Jim Playfair, an associate coach, were given their walking papers by the Edmonton Oilers. The surprise of the last move was not that surprising, especially after the unexpected 4-1 loss to the. Chicago BlackhawksAlberta. Let's move west and see what invested fantasy owners can (hope for) in the future. Under a revived regime in Oil Country, their performers will be more productive.

The first glimpse at Friday's practice under Jay Woodcroft as head coach and Dave Manson assistant suggests a positive future Jesse PuljujarviEarning another shot with them Connor McDavid Zach Hyman. Why not? In the early stages of the season, this top trio was a great team. It's not unusual to keep Puljujarvi around for so long. The 23-year old was a part of 44% fantasy leagues. If he can produce -and stick – alongside the best center in the world, he could be worth picking up again. Edmonton's No. It's also worth noting that Edmonton's No. Evander KaneKane, who was able to assist the extra skater in Wednesday’s loss. Kane has averaged 2.4 fantasy point/congests in his time with the Oilers. A third of leagues still offer the option.



John Tortorella explains why the Oilers need to give consistency to their players with the next head coach hire.

It's the stuff between the pipes that intrigues most me about the fallout of this coaching crisis. Woodcroft/Manson will undoubtedly help the team's defense corps to their advantage, which is clear for whoever is in net. That's a veteran. Mike SmithThe projected starter versus New York IslandersFriday. While stauncher defenses don't come together in a single day, fresh air from behind the benches should give you an immediate boost. Perhaps enough to last until real improvements are made. Fans and fantasy managers will be more concerned about how the organization handles their netminding situation before the deadline. This team still has serious playoff hopes. Will they add a goaltending team or bolster the blueline with a top four defender? Smith – who is a rostered player in 61% leagues – could be a strong fantasy force for the season's final stages. (Except for health issues. You can keep an eye out for how it unfolds under Ken Holland's new coaching staff and Oilers' GM.

In the meantime, an ex-Stanley Cup champion is trying to get his hands on the Canadiens bus' brakes in a perceived permanent skid. What Martin St. LouisWhat he may not have time to do behind the NHL bench can be made up with enthusiasm, confidence, intelligence, and a new perspective on the game. He's not inexperienced, but that doesn't make him unprepared. This new voice and passion will undoubtedly incite more than just a few Montreal skaters who have been underperforming to date. Based on Thursday's ingame chats and reports of a lively pre-game speech that inspired, it seems like there is already a positive buy-in.

Forward is the top candidate projected to improve. Nick Suzuki. He is reputed to have a high hockey I.Q. He is the club's No. The mentor will encourage him to think more quickly and take risks. Suzuki, a cerebral player like St. Louis will benefit from the mentorship. This is more than just the “bump” for his coach. Even though St. Louis was sworn in as the club's All Star, Suzuki looked even more like 2020-21. He skated 23 minutes and made smart passes, rifled six shots, threw two hits, blocked a shot, registered assist, and rifled six shots. The loyal fantasy managers who he has remained loyal to – there are many of you – will reap the rewards. Expect Suzuki to return at his 0.73 point/rate and pitch in other times from now until the end of the season. The Habs have eight games in March, so there's plenty of fantasy hay to make. 1. Many of them were with non-playoff team, such as the Blue Jackets and Sabres (2), Islanders and Senators, or Jets.

Suzuki's linemate is far more accessible across the fantasy spectrum. Tyler Toffoli. Before Ducharme was replaced by St. Louis as winger, the winger was already on an injury recovery upswing. He had four goals and five assists in 29 games. He's now averaging 2.5 fantasy points per game in default leagues since his return to competitive hockey. Toffoli will continue his excellent run by skating alongside Suzuki at any strength and with the man advantage. Toffoli is only in 25.8% leagues. If you need assistance, grab him. Personal record: I tried to add Toffoli to one of my more competitive leagues, but another manager beat me to it. Annoying.

Deeper leagues will reward power-play production with a premium. Cole CaufieldThe 33.1% merits more attention, not just because the coach and 21-year old are made from the same physical blueprint. The rookie's better outlook on Montreal was evident in his smile Thursday. It's possible that he will be promoted to a more senior role in the club's powerplay. I'd like to see more from the blue line. Jeff PetrySt. Louis' guidance, before jumping back onboard the fantasy ship of the defenseman. He'll be traded or not. He could be a part of the No. This would be possible if you were to play on the No. All in all, Sam MontembeaultBefore you can be endorsed in fantasy space, you must first win games.Cayden PrimeauIt looks a complete mess. However, Carey Price(38%). This skater, who hasn't yet faced shots in practice but is skating, could be worth the gamble to get a possible return. If the team is playing better, this could be a good sign. There is no other way than up.

Other notes that are fantasy-relevant:

  • The Boston BruinsTheir first game was a failure without both Brad Marchand(suspended) Patrice Bergeron(suspected concussion), losing to the Hurricanes 6-0 If you have invested in either Linus UllmarkOder Jeremy SwaymanBefore you include either goalie in any fantasy lineup, take a look at Boston's matchups in detail. Are you ready for Saturday's Ottawa match-up? Sure. Perhaps not next Tuesday against Rangers, or Saturday against Avalanche. This Bruins team isn't the same without its two best players. Forward Erik HaulaAs Bergeron is not fit to return, this could be a solid streaming option.

  • With Jack EichelHe was loosely tap to make his debut at the Vegas Golden KnightsNext Wednesday there will be chatter at the club CouldShelve Mark Stone(Back) on IR from the postseason. You can see that Eichel will be included in the required cap space. It's a rumor that Stone's fantasy league managers in redraft leagues need to start looking into replacement options. Get it now. We pay attention to the people who may be allowed to join Eichel's top-of-the-line team, but we also watch out for those who might slip in. Max Pacioretty. Candidate of the Year: Evgenii Dadonov.

  • Sean CouturierThe season is over. The Philadelphia FlyersForward is relegated to the next year following back surgery. Couturier should be immediately released from all redraft leagues. Whether Couturier is worth keeping in keeper competition will depend on how many IR spots are available and your current competitive standing.

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