NFL and National Domestic Violence Hotline renew their partnership

NEW YORK — The NFL has granted a grant to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, which will renew their partnership for three more years. RALIANCE was also extended.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Since more than eight years, financial assistance has been provided by the NFL to assist with sexual assault. The Hotline In its mission to return power to the victims of domestic abuse, the Hotline is a force for good. The Hotline offers survivors support services by phone, chat, and text. The Hotline was able to respond to more than 400,000 calls and texts in 2021, which is the highest number of calls, chats, or texts received since 1996, when it was founded. Hotline provided survivors with referrals to shelters, domestic violence services providers, and more than 200,000 referrals for additional resources throughout the country in the past year.

These agreements form part of an overall NFL commitment totaling more than $50 millions in donations since 2014.

Anna Isaacson, senior vice president of social responsibilities at the NFL, stated that “we're proud of how we've been in a position to support the amazing work of our partners at The Hotline, RALIANCE, as well as the commitment we have to address these critical issues long-term.” We know there's still much to be done at both the NFL and society. We look forward to continuing our partnerships in helping survivors find the resources that they need.

The Hotline can, in addition, provide direct services; expand its policy work to advocate increased resources for survivors; create the National Survivor Data Institute to focus on research on survivors' experiences, especially those from marginalized groups;

Katie Ray-Jones CEO, National Domestic Violence Hotline, stated that “this is coming at an time when survivors need services more than ever.” We are currently experiencing the highest level of contact in our history. We must all do more together to advocate for increased resources for survivors and ensure that they have access to the services. It will take us all to make sure that our relationships are safe and healthy. It is a positive thing when an industry leader like the NFL steps up to support survivors.

RALIANCE In 2016, the National Sexual Violence Field Unit was established to help victims and survivors. The NFL and RALIANCE have provided support for their operations, communications, and advocacy work. They also gave grants of nearly $3 million to preventive programs and projects that support survivors. Most of the 68 grants received to date went to programs that serve people of color, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, religious minorities, immigrants, youths and other people who are often heavily affected by sexual violence but have been overlooked historically by funders.

The NFL renewed its three-year partnership with RALIANCE this month.

Sandra Henriquez, founder and managing partner of RALIANCE, said that “Through the generous grant, we can advance our mission to assist organizations across sectors create inclusive, safer environments for everyone.” We look forward to the future.

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