NFL commissioner Roger Goodell negotiating contract extension

Roger Goodell may be allowed to continue his tenure as NFL Commissioner, according to a report in Sports Business JournalPublished on Friday.

According to Sports Business Journal, Goodell is currently negotiating a fourth contract extension. This could happen in the next few months. Goodell's last deal was signed in 2017. It runs through 2024. A spokesperson for the NFL stated that it was Goodell's last contract. Goodell turned 63 in February 2019.

According to SBJ, an extension is being discussed.

Brian McCarthy, NFL vice-president of communications, said that there is “no truth to this report.”

“[Goodell's]At the top of his game now. We don't want him to leave the team. SBJ was told by an NFL owner

The report stated that a prolongation would likely take place between two and four years after the 2024 date.

Goodell was elected NFL commissioner in 2006.

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