NFL Draft 2022 – Here are the reasons Devin Lloyd elevated Roger Goodell following the selection of Jacksonville Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Devin LloydRoger Goodell was not going to be lifted off his feet by the NFL commissioner when Roger Goodell hugged him after receiving his name as a first round pick for the NFL. Jacksonville JaguarsThursday night

But he was not going to ignore his mom.

Ronyta Johnson stated, “I told Devin that he should pick up Roger Goodell from the floor.” “I didn’t realize he was going so far as to pick me up like that.”

Lloyd did more than his mom expected. Goodell was wrapped in a bear hug and he was dragged off the ground by several feet.

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Lloyd stated that his mom asked him for the request shortly after the Jags chose the former UtahThe 27th overall selection was a linebacker. He had just a few seconds to decide what he wanted to do.

“I didn't plan on picking him until I received the call. [from the Jaguars]He replied, It just happened.”

However, the most important question here is: Why did Lloyd’s mom want him pick up Goodell? Surprisingly, the reason is quite simple.

Johnson said, “I just wanted him to see if I could.”

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