NFL Draft 2022 Risers – 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Real, honest-to–football draft “risers” don't go up to the NFL draft boards with a pro-day workout. His vertical jump at the Scouting Combine didn't make for great TV and doesn't negate four months of games.Jordan DavisThe 40-yard dash is not to be ignored.

The real draft risers, however, are the players who make their way up. draft boardsThe 12-plus months leading to the draft were a series of games, visits by visits, over which a double-take was performed. With just days remaining before the draft begins, the picks will start arriving for the. 2022 NFL draftLet's now look at who has gained the most ground this summer, and what prompted them to climb the board. Last year's list featured the likes Zach Wilson (No. (No. Malcolm Koonce (No. 79), Quinn Meinerz (No. (No. Demetric Felton (No. 211).

What potential stars have made the most significant moves? These are the top risers of this year. We start with two linebackers that have made the most out of the pre-draft windup.

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani WhitesNFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 48

How high he went to climb boards:Many league members believe that this draft has its greatest strength and depth on Day 2. Teams might be able take a player in the third round with roughly the same grade as those selected in the first round. Chenal was a likely mid-to-late Day 3 selection when his 2021 season began. However, he could have made it into the Day 2 category, depending on who you ask.

Point of turning:His first year of being a starter, a COVID-19-abbreviated seven match affair in 2020, provided a valuable glimpse into his growth. He was able to sustain the momentum he gained in his first year as a starter against Minnesota in 2020 with 13 tackles and five tackles for loss.

Why did he rise:Chenal could be the winner of the pound-for pound play strength award in this draft class. This past season, Chenal had 115 tackles with 18.5 tackles loss, eight tackles for loss and two forced fumbles. He was also a part of Jim Leonhard's shapeshifting defense, which showed his ability to play the game.

What they are saying:“It is our favorite way to switch it up. Many of the bags that I had [last]Year were not intended to be blitzes. They were more reactionary than the things our position coach had taught us. Chenal with his 11 sacks in the past two seasons

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 70

How high he went to climb boards:Andersen's off-field performance is exceptional, but decision makers have grown to like him even more after spending more time with him. His profile is unique because he has been used like no other player by his team. He transformed from an offensive prospect to an experienced Day 2 linebacker, who is likely to have been a priority-free agent or a seventh-round pick.

Point of turning:His versatility was a key factor in many turning points. His versatility was evident as he ran for 102 yards and had one sack in the. SameThe college game. He was the first-team quarterback selection in the conference and rushed for over 1,400 yard. He was the Big Sky Defensive Player Of The Year in 2019, with 150 tackles, three passes, and two interceptions.

Why did he rise:His versatility, willingness to go to work wherever he needed to, exceptional physical traits, tremendous production, and tons of toughness were all key factors. He also ran a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds at the combine, weighing in at 243 lbs.

What they are saying:“Sometimes, I wish we could all have seen him play full-time on defense for four seasons; the numbers wouldn't have been so small.” But special teams and defense are all things that he can do on a team. — AFC personnel director



Here are the top highlights from Troy Andersen’s Montana State collegiate career.

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 103

How high he went to climb boards:Woods was initially recruited by Oklahoma State to be a quarterback. However, he switched to tightend during Cowboys' preparation for the bowl game. Woods has been at tight end for just four seasons, three at Oklahoma State and two at Virginia. This was evident in his 44 catches this season and eight touchdowns. Woods was seen by many evaluators as an undrafted agent prior to the 2021 season. However, he is now a solid Day 2, or early Day 3, pick.

Point of turning:Scouts who met him at Oklahoma State were aware that he was tall (6-foot-7 and 253 lbs) and had speed. Woods received only 28 passes in his 34 games at Oklahoma State. He had a 122 yard receiving game in Week 2, last season, and then a 73-yard one two weeks later. They had to pay attention.

Why did he rise:Woods demonstrated the ability to block defenders and break tackles in the open field. Woods had a touchdown catch during six of the Cavaliers’ first seven games of this season. He was also able to run a bit more smoothly at the Senior Bowl which showed that he is still a rising player with a lot of potential.

What they are saying:“I think it just came naturally. As a quarterback, you always have the ball in your hand. I found it very helpful to be able to catch snaps without looking at the ball. It doesn't matter where you catch the ball. [the]The quarterback can catch the ball from the center or the receiver. Woods: Woods will switch positions

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 118

How far he managed to climb boards:Strong has evolved from a runningback who was used mostly as an early down runner to one who is capable of receiving and pass protection. Strong's production, combined workouts and week at the East-West Shrine Bowl have made him a possible fourth- or fifth-round pick.

Point of turning:Strong ran for at least 48 yards in four of his five first 2021 games, after a 2020 rushing season of 707 yards. At the end of the season, he had nine 100 yard rushing games, 18 touchdowns, and averaged 7.0 yards per carry.

Why did he rise:Strong is an explosive runner, which NFL players love. Strong can see through nickel defenses and make big decisions quickly. Strong consistently makes good traffic decisions and has the speed (4.37 seconds for his 40-yard dash at combine) to close deals in open field.

What they are saying:“I like his ability of making the right cut. “He can get that first defender by himself, and if you do it right, it will turn into something. — NFC general manager



Here are the highlights of Pierre Strong Jr.'s stellar college career at South Dakota State.

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 324

How far he managed to climb boards:Perry was one the invited quarterbacks to the combine to take part in the exercises for other position groups. Perry gained some attention with his work and a strong showing in Holy Cross' pro-day (he was a participant in Holy Cross’ event). Perry, who was likely to be granted priority free-agent status, could have been picked in the middle day.

Point of turning:Perry threw 3,033 yards and 48 touchdowns over 10 games in 2021. He also added 402 yards rushing and seven touchdowns.

Why did he rise:He is 6-foot-2 and 211 lbs. and has the strength and ability to run. He was also a passer at the East-West Shrine Bowl and the combine, and was named the offensive MVP. His throwing motion, footwork as well as accuracy have all been improved.

They are saying this:“It's something I will be able look back on and remember that helped me a lot this year, the stress of completed passes. This is something that the NFL places a high priority. Also, finishing drives. We had an incredible number of 10-plus play drives this year. This is a great thing to see when you look at NFL quarterbacks. They operate all the way down field. It was a great experience to be challenged this year to do that. Perry shares his thoughts on how he improved the last season

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. ranking 166

How far he managed to climb boards:Williams was not just the only Division II participant invited to Senior Bowl; he was also first Fayetteville State student invited to the all star game. He then received an invite to the combine. Although he was a wide receiver his senior year, he's still learning. However, he might have made it to late-Day 3 consideration.

Point of turning:After the pandemic, his school did not play any games in 2020, but his work this season showed continued improvement in his technique. Williams' big leap occurred during Senior Bowl week due to his level of competition and the fact he was not often challenged in man coverage. Williams' on-field speed was 21.8 mph in Mobile, Alabama. North Dakota is the statewide receiver. Christian WatsonHe was a Day 2 draft pick who is known for his vertical speed and was recorded at 20.7 mph.

Why did he rise:Few scouting profiles are as popular on draft boards across the league as cornerbacks with speed and length. And Williams was 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds at the combine with a 78¼-inch arm span.

They are saying this:“Everybody needs corners and everyone wants corners that are at least a certain length. He runs 4.5 [and]Plays 4.4 and, if he improves his technique, he can still play. NFC wide receivers coach

NFL Draft 2022 Risers - 7 prospects who have climbed the boards, including Jelani Whites

Scouts Inc. rankingNR

How far he managed to climb boards:James was barely noticed when the 2021 season started. If people believe that his elite pro-day numbers and his progress as a receiver, James could be a late Day 3 pick. James, a former prep quarterback, switched to receiver at Central Connecticut State. He had only one reception his first season.

Point of turning:He had the kind (at UConn), of pro day that requires a recount. The 6-foot-2, 216-pound James was clocked by some at 4.45 seconds in his best 40-yard dash, had a 37½-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-11 standing broad jump — all of which would have been among the best at the position at the combine. Many in the league decided to conduct some research on him.

Why did he rise:James is rare in size and speed, with a large catch radius. His arm span was measured at 77¾ inches at his pro day, which is in line with what some linemen on this draft board have measured. To go with his 114 career catch, he had 61 career attempts at rushing (4.8 yards per run). There is plenty of potential in the rough edges.

They are saying this:“I would give him a chance, and coach him. “If he will do the work, he has a chance.” — AFC director for scouting

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