NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

To draft well in the NFLTeams must be able to read the room. It doesn't matter how well the front offices assess prospects, wheel and deal effectively with opponents. They must also know when players are coming off the board to ensure they don’t waste draft capital or miss out on them.

Enter ESPN's Draft Day PredictorA statistical tool that generates a variety of selection outcomes for NFL draft prospects. It makes expert mock drafts. Scouts Inc. gradesAnd team needsAs inputs, it helps us to answer questions about the future. It provides percentage chances that each prospect will be available and selected at each draft slot. This, in turn, leads to a possible range of picks in the which he could realistically make it.

Draft Day Predictor has been made publicly available for the first time. It will be updated on Thursday morning, as final mock drafts are received. Then it will update live during Thursday's draft. For now, let's take a look at some of its highlights. storylines of the 2022 draftThe Draft Day Predictor is our crystal ball. Don't forget: This tool doesn't work in absolutes. These areWhen it comes to other people's decision-making, there are no guarantees. However, it does provide probabilities and we will use them to help us answer eight major questions.

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NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

Are the Steelers or Saints allowed to trade up? Malik WillisOr Kenny Pickett?

If the New Orleans SaintsIf they choose Liberty's Willis or Pitt’s Pickett as their No. 1, there is a 64% chance one of the two quarterbacks will be there. 16 according to the Draft Day Predictor. It would be a long wait, but they can probably afford to wait. Probably.

However, if you are looking for the best in it all Pittsburgh SteelersAre in the same boat — want Pickett or Willis — there's 38% chance at least one will be on board by the time No. 20 is the next opportunity. The question is whether Pittsburgh feels lucky or how much it will pay to ensure that one of those QBs is available.

Let's assume that each team is focused on one quarterback. If Willis is the quarterback, there are no safe spots to trade up to (besides No. 1. Since the Detroit LionsThey could be a landing spot for him at No. 2 (5% chance). Both teams should not stay put if they plan to target Willis. The Draft Day Predictor gives Liberty QB a 32% chance that he will still be available for the Saints at Number. 16, and 16% chance of being there at pick No. 20 when Steelers set to draft.

If either team is ready to move up to No. 10, in a deal that was made with the New York JetsThere's a 53% chance Willis will make it there. This would require the Lions to be there. Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta FalconsAnd Seattle SeahawksAll teams would pass on him, and no other team could trade into the top 10 for him. It would put any team ahead of the others. Washington Commandersat No. 11 and Texans at Number. 13.

Pickett's median landing place is slightly lower than the Draft Day Predictor, but the Draft Day Predictor believes there's a strong chance he will land at No. 6 to Carolina (28%). 47% of him making it to No. Saints. 16: If he can get past the Panthers and Willis has gone, Pittsburgh may be wise to trade up with New Orleans if it is targeting him. According to the Draft Day Predictor, the Steelers have a 26% chance of landing Pickett if it doesn't trade up.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

How far can the Packers and Chiefs move for a top receiver?

The Green Bay PackersThe No. 1 pick is the first. 22, but Ohio State has no top four wide receivers – Ohio State's 22nd. Garrett Wilson, USC's Drake London, Alabama's Jameson WilliamsOhio State's Chris Olave— are more likely to be in that position than 30%, while the top three spots are actually all below 20%. Arkansas could be available to the Packers. Treylon BurksBy sitting still, he is only marginally better than a coin roll (55%) to be readily available. The rest of the time, Kansas City ChiefsBurks is Burks' best chance of all five pass-catchers. There's an 18% chance that he'll slide to them at Number. 29.

If one team is determined to get one of the first three wideouts they can, they will need to make a move. This will be especially true for Chiefs. What's the next step? Wilson believes that there is a 89% chance that he will make it to the top 10. According to the Draft Day Predictor, Wilson. London should be picked slightly later than London, but even at pick No. 12 There's only 27% chance that he will still be available.

Williams? Williams could possibly go as high at No. 10. But if the Packers and Chiefs make a deal, he could reach the highest position as the Jets at No. Baltimore RavensTo move up to No. 14 would have a 79% chance Williams will make it to No. Such a move would propel the Packers/Chiefs to the top of the Philadelphia EaglesSaints at Nos. There are 15 and 16 respectively where Williams has the highest chance of being selected.

Kansas City should not look at Olave or Burks as its targets. It would need to select Nos. 18, or No. 22 to have a greater than 50% chance of those players being still on the board.



Stephen A. Smith is more interested than Dan Orlovsky in the Chiefs' future draft picks.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

The Jets will do whatever they want Ahmad GardnerCan they wait until No. To take him?

No. The Draft Day Predictor is not able to predict absolutes as I stated. The model predicts that Gardner will be picked at No. 1 by the Jets, which is a nearly 99% probability. 10. However, a substantial chunk (33%) of that comes from Gardner being picked by the Jets at No. 4.

According to Scouts Inc., Gardner is the fifth-best draft prospect. He is often long gone in mock drafts when the Jets make their second attempt at No. 10. The real question is whether or not the Cincinnati cornerback will make it to the Jets at No. 4? According to the Draft Day Predictor there is only 55% chance of this happening.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

What is the floor for the top offensive tackles?

The Draft Day Predictor believes that the floor will be No. 9 for both NC State and NC State Ikem EkwonuAlabama's Evan Neal. They might slide as far as the quarterback is in the top 10, or a team like the New York GiantsOr Falcons choose someone like Notre Dame safety Kyle HamiltonLSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. (players not in the top 10 locks).

For Mississippi State Charles Cross? His range is larger and ends in the 20s. There's an 81% probability that he won't be on the board after 17 picks.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

OK, let's see if we can get the floor for the top pass rushers. Aidan Hutchinson?

The Draft Day Predictor has all the details on Georgia's draft day Travon WalkerAs a top-three choice. The latest it has seen him go is No. 5. Oregon is also a great place to live! Kayvon ThibodeauxThe model predicts that 50-50 will be a top four selection. There is a 98% chance he will make it to the top seven.

Jermaine Johnson IIThibodeaux's end is where the's range begins. The No. 1 spot is where the Florida State edge rusher might be. 7 and there is an 83% chance that he will be off the board by picking No. 15.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

The Bengals will take No. 31 offensive lineman. 31?

Cincinnati was able to spend enough free agency money to make its offensive lines less urgent than they were right after the Super Bowl. However, it still needs some help. There may be some interior linesmen for the Bengals once they are on the clock.

Iowa has a 22% chance of being a center. Tyler LinderbaumAvailable at No. The chances of Boston College guard being selected are higher than 31. Zion Johnson (42%) and Texas A&M guard Kenyon Green (48%). Because of the Bengals' need for guard and their availability, Johnson is more likely to be chosen at No. Johnson is 31. However, it is only an 8% chance.

Other than the interior offensive linemen, there are strong options, according to the Draft Day Predictor: Georgia defensive tackle Devonte WyattClemson corner (7%). Andrew Booth Jr. (6%) and Minnesota edge rusher Boye Mafe (6%). (6%).

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

What fringe player might sneak in the first round?

More than 32 players get face-time in Day 1 mock drafts. This makes it feel like there are a few men who were not meant to make it in the first round but find themselves in the second. These are some fringe prospects in the first round who I found particularly interesting, as well as their chances of getting into Round 1.

Watson's stock has increased as the Draft Day Predictor was updated with mocks over these past two weeks — he went to No. 22 in Mel Kiper Jr.’s and Todd McShay’s tandem mock last weekIt could also make sense for any of those WR-needy teams that are in the back half the first round.

NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022NFL Draft Day Predictor for 2022

This year's draft has a wide range of quarterbacks. You can think back to last year, when No. 5 was the quarterback floor. 15 (which turned out to be true). We could see Ridder in either the first or second round this year.

Here's what the Draft Day Predictor thinks about this next level of quarterback prospects. With the caveat that there may be numbers that shift dramatically by draft day, these are these:

  • Ridder has the highest chance of being in the first round (37%).

  • Corral follows at 25%.

  • With 16%, Howell is least likely.

If they aren't selected in the first round, all three should be considered second-round picks. At pick No. 1, Howell has the greatest chance to be still on the board. 65 at just 7%

No. 36. Corral's midpoint lies at No. 39, and Howell's is just around No. 42.

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