NFL Futures — Tips for Betting on the Super Bowl in 2022 and Conference Odds

Because the odds of winning the Super Bowl are decreasing with each passing season, the offseason could be the best time to choose a winner.

There are many teams that make moves in trades, free agency, and the NFL draft. Our experts provide their opinion on who offers the best value in the Super Bowl and conference futures markets.

Caesars Sportsbook: All odds

Which team do you think should win the Super Bowl?

Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders editor-in-chief: Give me the Philadelphia Eagles (+3000). Yes, there are still some questions. Jalen Hurts at quarterback. The Eagles also added a lot of talent during the offseason. Football Outsiders now places Philadelphia in the top 10 for defense and offense projections. The Eagles also have the most realistic schedule and should be in contention for a No. Even though they're not as good as the Rams or Buccaneers, they still have the No. 1 seed and the first round bye.

Eric Moody is an ESPN betting analyst The sound is great! Denver Broncos (+1600). The offseason addition of Russell Wilson It is huge. He should have won at least two Super Bowls with the Seahawks. Wilson was a Seattle Seahawks player for ten seasons and made the playoffs eight times. This should bring an end to Denver's playoff drought. He will be the team's star and has an impressive supporting cast. Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy And Javonte Williams With a formidable defense. Wilson will have a great season in 2022, as the Chiefs' reign over the AFC West is ending.

Erin Dolan, ESPN gambling analyst: The Buffalo Bills (+650). After losing overtime to Chiefs in AFC divisional rounds, the Bills will be hungry Josh Allen He is now entering his fifth season of professional football after he threw 4,407 yards and 36 touchdowns, while adding 763 yards rushing and six touchdowns on ground. He's a beast and will continue to produce insane numbers. Stefon Diggs, Dawson Knox, Devin SingletaryCompany, The addition of Von Miller The Bills will be able to play on the edge, which will only benefit their already excellent defense. If they are healthy, Buffalo's offense and defense can win the AFC East, conference, and then the Super Bowl.

Tyler Fulghum, ESPN Betting Analysis: The Baltimore Ravens (+2200). Baltimore was a Super Bowl Favorite last year with an 8-3 record through week 10, before Lamar Jackson They were hurt. Last season, the Ravens suffered a variety of injuries. J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Ronnie Stanley, Marcus Peters, Marlon Humphrey And Derek Wolfe All time missed. Baltimore will be able to compete with the AFC's best if they can stay healthy. The additions Marcus Williams Free agency Kyle Hamilton And Tyler Linderbaum The draft results in April were widely viewed as smart and shrewd. I predict the Ravens to win AFC North. They will face off against the Buffalo Bills and any other teams in the playoffs.

Is the NFC perceived as the weaker conference? Are you more inclined to look at AFC teams than NFC teams, given the possibility of a quicker path to the Super Bowl.

Schatz: Surprise! Surprise! Six of the top ten teams in projected DVOA are NFC-based teams. While the AFC is the best throughout the conference, the NFC is more divided with teams that look great and those that look terrible. NFC teams also make up the five worst teams from the DVOA projections.

Dolan: The AFC is the superior league. My eyes see the AFC as the most likely conference to win the Super Bowl. It is possible to eliminate the AFC and select an NFC team that is based on competition and the route to the Super Bowl. NFC teams are worth looking at. It's all personal preference.

Moody: Although the AFC has lost two Super Bowls, the AFC had won five of six previous games. The NFC is highly top-heavy. I believe the Buccaneers, Packers are the best bets for winning the Super Bowl in this division. The Rams will not be able to become champions again, something that hasn’t happened since 2004. It is therefore more attractive to bet on AFC teams.

With so many players being signed to or traded to AFC clubs, this year's AFC roster is stacked. What team do you believe has the greatest value in this conference?

Fulghum: The Los Angeles Chargers (+850) is my favorite AFC team. They are almost as deep as Bills. They still have a rookie QB. They get a greater percentage of their cap than any other AFC contender.

Dolan: Futures are about value. Often, the favorite on a board is not what your want to bet in June. But I believe that the Bills will win AFC. The odds of Buffalo winning the conference are +350 if you take a look at the table. This includes Chiefs, Broncos Chargers, Chargers, and the Cleveland Browns These are the final five. The Bills rank in the middle of the pack for strength of schedule. However, the AFC West teams will have to face each other twice this season. The Bills are the most likely to win, despite the competitive conference.

Moody: The Dolphins are a valuable addition to a packed AFC conference. Miami has seen a dramatic increase in their roster. Tyreek Hill And Terron Armstead This offseason. Kyle Shanahan's quarterback-friendly program is overseen by Mike McDonald, head coach. Tua Tagovailoa improve. Miami should be able win over 8.5 games if Tagovailoa can successfully deliver the football to the Dolphins’ playmakers.

The Bengals made a surprise appearance in the Super Bowl last season and stunned everyone. Is there another team worth betting on this year that could achieve the same feat?

Seth Walder (ESPN analytics writer): For the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers is 40-1 They just need one big break: for Kenny Pickett To be a good player right away. He is likely to be a good receiver and have some great defense players.

Joe Fortenbaugh (ESPN betting analyst): The Indianapolis Colts 25-1 Houston and Jacksonville still need to rebuild and I think that the Titans will take a huge step backwards now that they have traded. A.J. Brown. Indy has a good chance of winning both the playoffs and the home playoff game. Matt Ryan He's past his prime but has enough to offer consistent results with an offensive line that is much better than his predecessor.

Anita Marks is an ESPN betting analyst Fly Eagles Fly! A.J. Brown and James Bradberry were free agents. Jordan Davis was drafted to strengthen an already strong defensive line. I believe they will win NFC East. The Eagles have the easiest schedule in the league. They could win 12 games and secure the No.1 seed as well as home-field advantage through the playoffs.

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