NFL notable bets – Bills dominating early Super Bowl Futures

Bills Mafia has been very busy in the offseason.

Buffalo It is the favorite to win Super Bowl at betting sites and has attracted the most interest from bettors.

The Bills have received roughly twice the amount of betting interest as any other team on the Super Bowl's chances of winning at multiple sportsbooks, both in terms bets and money wagered. DraftKings shows that nearly one-fifth of all Super Bowl bets have been placed on Buffalo. The Bills are 2.5 times more popular than the second-most popular, the. Denver Broncos.

Caesars Sportsbook installed Caesars Sportsbook on January 31, Kansas City Chiefs As the favourites to win Super Bowl LVII at 12:2, Next came the Bills at 7-1. But they quickly surpassed the Chiefs to become favorites, and now stand at 13-2. The Bills have been able to wager three times as much as the Chiefs at Caesars.

The Tampa Bay BuccaneersWith the return of Tom Brady The Bucs are second favourites at most sportsbooks after Brady's 40-day retirement. When Brady retired in February, the Super Bowl odds for the Bucs went from 14-1 up to 28-1. Since Brady's return to Caesars, they have improved to 15-2. Even the return to the GOAT is not enough for the Bills Mafia in the betting windows. The Super Bowl betting on Buffalo is three times higher than that of the Buccaneers at DraftKings.

The NFL season starts on September 8, with the Bills taking on the defending champion Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are the one-point favorites. We are counting down the days. Let's now take a look back at the early betting action for the NFL. This includes five bets you might find interesting.

Most Super Bowl bets

Current odds via Caesars Sportsbook

  1. Buffalo Bills 13-2

  2. Cincinnati Bengals 22-1

  3. Las Vegas Raiders 40-1

The Super Bowl: There are very few bets

  1. Houston Texans 250-1

  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 125-1

  3. Seattle Seahawks 125-1

Super Bowl: The Super Bowl with the least amount of money

  1. Houston Texans 250-1

  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 250-1

  3. Carolina Panthers 100-1

Bets worth watching

  • A Nevada bettor placed $5,000 on the 16 March bet. Atlanta Falcons Caesars Sportsbook gives you 150-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. Five days later, the Falcons traded their quarterback Matt Ryan To the Indianapolis Colts.

  • The day Caesars opened its Super Bowl LVII odds, a New York-based bettor put $5,000 on it. New York Jets To win it all at 200-1 odds

  • A bettor from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas placed $5,000 on the 25th of May. Detroit Lions At 125-1 odds, you will win the Super Bowl.

  • DraftKings had a $501 wager placed on the outcome. Chicago Bears 800-1 odds to beat the Chiefs at the Super Bowl

  • A Nevada bettor placed a $1,000 wager on Bears quarterback, just a few minutes after Caesars Sportsbook had posted the opening odds of winning next season's MVP. Justin Fields At 150-1 odds, you will win the award

Season-win total action

  • PointsBet sportsbook has seen an increase in Eagles betting support. Philadelphia's season win total has gone up from 8.5 – 9.5. At 8.5, 98% and 99% respectively of bets and money wagered were on the over. This included eight four-figure wagers. PointsBet increased the number to 9.5, bringing the over action on the Eagles up to 92%. 90% of the money was wagered and 92% of all bets are on over 9.5.

Based on the number bets, most popular season-win total (DraftKings)

  1. New York Jets More than 5.5

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers More than 7.5

  3. New York Jets Under 5.5

The most popular season-win total based on the amount wagered

  1. New York Jets – Over 5.5

  2. New Orleans Saints More than 8

  3. Philadelphia Eagles More than 9.5

  • 49ers Under 10 (+110) is one of the most sought-after season-win total bets on the SuperBook. John Murray, SuperBook executive director, said, “A team that has had a confusing onseason in many ways.” “Are these guys really going to go to?” Trey LanceThey were only one quarter away of the Super Bowl withJimmy] Garoppolo Last season?”

There are even more futures.

  • $25,000 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win the NFC at 7-2. Murray stated, “We're pretty large losers to the Buccaneers.” “They just keep betting on the Buccaneers.”

  • $10,000 on the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl at 15-2 (PointsBet)

  • $2,500 to help Eagles win the NFC at 11:00 (DraftKings)

  • On Sale: $2,500 Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins To win MVP at 100-1. (Caesars Sportsbook)

  • On Sale: $2,000 Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray At 18-1, you can win MVP (DraftKings)

  • On Sale: $2,000 New Orleans Saints QB Jameis Winston At 50-1, he is the NFL's leading passer with over 50 yards. (Caesars Sportsbook)

  • $1,000 on Saints to win Super Bowl at 50-1 (PointsBet)

  • 1,000.70 Cleveland Browns WR David Bell To win Offensive Rookie-of-the Year at 80-1 (DraftKings)

  • $1,000 Eagles QB Jalen Hurts At 18-1, you can win MVP (DraftKings)

Odds and ends

  • WynnBET's biggest liability regarding the odds of winning regular-season MVP is Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, 40-1

  • The Texans are more likely to win the Super Bowl than DraftKings' Seahawks, Panthers, and Falcons.

  • The Super Bowl odds of the Seahawks (125-1) are identical to those of Caesars Sportsbook's Jaguars.

  • SuperBook has reduced the odds of the Eagles winning the NFC East by reducing their odds from +350 to +190. Murray said, “That's been an aggressive bet.” “It seems like we probably opened that too high.”

  • In Week 1, the Saints have been favored by more money than any other team on DraftKings' opening week schedule.

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