NFL partners with Mythical Games in a NFT-based videogame

The NFL and NFL Players Association announced Wednesday a new partnership with Mythical Games to create a NFT-based video game called NFL Rivals.

While the game will officially launch in 2023 (but fans will still be able to purchase 32 limited-edition collections of 3D NFL-themed 3D NFTs in a series drops prior to its release), they will also offer 32 exclusive-quantity collections. Fans will be able to play against other gamers and manage a fantasy-style team while also assembling rosters using NFTs from their favorite players via a play-and own system.

Joe Ruggiero is the senior vice president for consumer products at the NFL. He stated, “With the rising use of blockchain technology, it's exciting to partner with Mythical Games to create a blockchain-enabled video game that offers new play-to own NFT capabilities, creating an adventure for football fans who love playing football games.” “The NFL is exploring new gaming models that offer an unparalleled experience for fans because of the increasing interest in NFTs.”

This announcement comes just a few minutes after Major League Baseball. announced a partnership with SoRare Fan interaction can be achieved through a similar NFT-style game. Professional sports leagues continue to seek new ways to engage fans.

In addition to the NFTs, players will also have access to special events and in-game rewards.

Jamie Jackson, Mythical Games' chief creative officer, said that it was an exciting moment to partner with the NFL in order to increase player and fan engagement through new game design and Web3 benefits. NFTs that provide utility can be a benefit to players in-game. We are excited to share these concepts with NFL Rivals. This will allow us to improve the team management genre and add the benefits of play-and-own gaming, giving the community new ways to interact with their favorite players and teams in this virtual world.

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