NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen preview The Match, and say they expect lots of trash talk

NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady And Aaron Rodgers Will face off against Patrick Mahomes And Josh Allen Capital One's The Match will air on TNT, June 1.

The four quarterbacks were present at a media event Wednesday and displayed a glimpse of what the fans might see during the broadcast of the 12-hole tournament with what appears to be a lot of trash talk.

Brady and Rodgers were placed against each in the last event where Brady was partnered with Phil Mickelson Rodgers Bryson DeChambeau. They are now being asked to take on the younger quarterback duo, in an effort to be billed as youth versus experience.

Rodgers admitted that “I'm aware they tried making it old guys against young guys,” but he said it while we were doing our chipping competition (shown yesterday). I said, “Who thought about that, you want the two best men against the two most inept guys?” This isn't conjecture. These are facts.

Rodgers admitted DeChambeau, his former partner, was prepared with too many jokes, and that Mickelson didn't get the jokes off, but it would be different this year.

“When we first started (in NFL), definitely when Brady started and when I began playing, there was actually, real trash talking. Rodgers explained that the NFL was full of trash talk between men and it was good s—talk. And we knew each other around the league. It's now more buddy, buddy. You know, social media follows each other. Memes, this emojis s—. When you talk about Kermit (Allen), Josh (Allen), trying to s—talk me and Tom, two old-school, grizzled vets. You can't go wrong.

Rodgers stated that they should find comedians to write some material. But Allen had already indicated that he believed Brady would have a team composed of writers to assist him.

Allen stated that he doesn't believe Tom will be able think on his own feet if his script from the team runs out. “I feel like he's had a lot of practice. He has wit and off the cuff stuff. Aaron is probably a little better in this area, but Tom will still have his little notecard out there. He'll run out eventually, and I don’t think he will know what to make of it.

Brady was shocked to hear Allen's comment and asked about them. He smiled and made a quick comeback, without any assistance from writers or anyone else.

Brady said, “I will arrive prepared like I always do for everything.” “Usually, pro-football s— talk means that you have to back it up. Josh, especially against me, hasn’t supported his football career on the field.

“I would say it will look the same as it has for a long while against Patrick. Patrick played many great games but didn't win the most important. He won some of the important ones but not all.

All four quarterbacks seemed to agree that they have not had the time to play golf in the offseason. Mahomes stated that he received some tips and Allen had taken lessons. But, no one felt they were ready to carry their team.

Allen and Mahomes hope their youth and physical health will allow them to persevere. They are also hoping that their friendship will be a factor in their teamwork at the course. Allen believes their egos could be a factor in their competition, and we might witness that during the match.

Allen stated, “I believe it's an instance where me and Pat don’t care who makes a putt or who hits the drive.” “We want the ball (ball) to go in before theirs does. They want their respective balls to go in before their (ball) does. I think they are going to have to do it themselves and they won't be able to play off each other well.

These events are Brady's first time at these events. However, Rodgers and Brady have the experience and know how to handle them. It is still unclear whether the actual golf will be worthy for a TV broadcast. However, if the pre-round trash talking is any indication, there will be lots to see during the match.

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