NFL suspends 6 NFL games from RB Derrius Guiice for violating the Personal Conduct Policy

ASHBURN (Va.) — Previous Washington Football TeamAccording to an NFL spokesperson, Derrius Guice, running back for the team was removed from play for violating its personal conduct policy.

Guice was charged last August with one count for strangulation as well as three counts each of assault and battery in Loudoun County. This stems from three domestic violence cases he had in the early 2020 with his then-girlfriend. Guice was also charged with strangulation after he allegedly shoved the woman to her death three times.

Washington released Guice just two hours after his arrest. Since then, Guice hasn't played for the NFL.

Buta Biberaj (Commonwealth's Attorney) dropped Guice's strangulation charges in January. Other charges against Guice were dropped following a settlement reached with her. Guice could face jail time if convicted.

In 2016, Guice was just a freshman at LSU when two female students accused him of sexual abuse. In 2016, a third LSU student claimed that Guice took a partial nude picture of her and shared it with his classmates. Guice denied all allegations.

Washington selected Guice during the second round in 2018. Multiple sources claim that there were concerns about Guice's character at the draft. Some teams, including Carolina which was coached then by Ron Rivera, removed him from their boards.

Guice was out of the team for his first season due to a tear in his ACL during training camp. In 2019, Guice missed 11 games due to a knee injury.

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