Nikola Jokic has stated he will sign supermax. Michael Malone predicts Jamal Murray’s return to Denver Nuggets.

SAN FRANCISCO – After a historic year that could see a second MVP Trophy, Nikola JokicAccording to reports, he will sign the largest supermax contract extension in NBA History with the Denver NuggetsThis is the offseason.

Jokic scored 30 points, 19 rebounds, and eight assists in Game 5 for the Nuggets' series opener on Wednesday night. However, they lost 102-98 to the Nuggets. Golden State Warriors.

According to Bobby Marks of ESPN, Jokic can now be eligible for a supermax contract extension worth $254 Million over five years.

Jokic replied, “I would love it, of course,” when Jokic was asked about a contract extension. “But it's something that I'm not deciding. If it is, I believe. [the]If there is an offer, I will accept it. I like the organization and the people who work here. I'm in [a]Exceptionally good relationships with everyone [the]”Owner to equipment manager”

Reigning MVP had a remarkable season, which could result in a second consecutive MVP trophy. Jokic (27 years old) became the first player to reach 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds with 500 assists. He also became the first to average 25 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists in a season, and the first to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and field goal percentage in a season since steals and blocks became official in 1973-74, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information.

Jokic-style, the center downplayed his individual success as well as the possibility of a second consecutive MVP trophy.

Jokic stated that he never imagined the possibility of winning another MVP. It's something that would be a wonderful thing if it did happen. It's something that is likely legacy, my name will always be there.

“But if it's not there, I won't die.” … It would be great, but it does happen.

Despite Jokic’s efforts, Jokic was unable to prevent the Nuggets from losing for the second consecutive year. They were swept away by the Phoenix SunsLast postseason, the second round was won by the Losers.

The Nuggets didn't have this feature. Jamal MurrayYou can choose to have one of these postseasons after ACL surgery. Michael Porter Jr. Following a third back operation, I missed most of the season.

Michael Malone, Denver coach said it was scary to think about the possibility of Porter and Murray returning to Jokic. “I look back at last season before Jamal was injured in this building. We believed we had a legitimate shot at winning the championship last year. Unfortunately, it wasn't in our cards. … You are playing without the two max players who helped us reach the second round the last three year.

Murray's expectations were tempered by Malone at the beginning of next season. He is expected to return to the field for the first time in 2021 after suffering an ACL injury on April 12.

Malone stated, “The future is definitely bright.” “It is important to realize that Jamal Murray, who will start the season next spring, is not the Jamal Murray.” [we know]It's not too late. It will be a gradual buildup and he will become more confident.

“But I did [think about having him]After the first two games, I couldn't sleep for one night and went back. Jamal's bubble stats were in my eyes at 3 AM. [in the 2020 postseason]. Wow. Although I knew he was a good person, sometimes it is easy to forget just how great he is. Jamal is a great example of this. He steps up when the stakes get high. Jamal isn't afraid to take on any challenge. Michael Porter's playoff performance last year was impressive. He scored 17 points and grabbed six rebounds. But, his best achievement was shooting at a high 3-point clip. The best thing about shooting is how it makes up for many other things. Jamal, Michael and others can do it.”

Jokic stated that there are still many unknowns for the Nuggets. They made it to the Western Conference finals in 2020's postseason bubble.

Jokic stated, “We don’t know what can be done because we weren’t healthy.” Do we have any talent? Yes. Yes. Probably. It's clear that the league teams are creating super teams, but they're not having any success.

“I believe we have talent. We have players. We have parts. We have tools. We have tools. The only question is, are we going to cooperate? This is the only thing. That's the real question. That is what you will find out if you don't play.

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