Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos’ Blog, may feel Russell Wilson’s impact more than any Denver Broncos player

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Jerry JeudyLast season, there were zero touchdowns with the Denver BroncosThe fifth consecutive season saw them average less than 20 per game as they continued to search for a replacement for their quarterback.

When the Broncos selected Jeudy from Alabama in the first round, 2020 draft, they didn't intend to have him score a touchdown. However, he did score 24 points over his final two seasons. With this in mind, quarterbacks may be more beneficial to no player on the Broncos roster. Russell WilsonJeudy seems to know more about's arrival than he does.

Jeudy who caught most passes from him said that “there are things you can control” and “things you can't.” Drew LockOr Teddy BridgewaterDuring his two first NFL seasons. “Those two years are over now so I'm just focusing on this year.”

Jeudy actually showed some signs of his promise last season's first season. With just nine minutes left in the third quarter, he had 72 yards on six catches. New York GiantsWhen he was tackled, he sustained a right ankle strain. James Bradberry.

After being taken to the locker area on a cart by the Broncos, he never got back that momentum. The Broncos offense quickly became a maze of incoherent pieces within an often poorly designed scheme. Enter Wilson. He arrived in the Broncos complex with lots of fanfare and big plans.

Wilson has seen firsthand what Jeudy is capable of. Many players at the Broncos' veteran minicamp last month said Wilson's connection to Jeudy on-field was obvious.

Wilson said, “A guy like Jerry Jeudy — just by being around him — has had some amazing discussions. We've also had some incredible talks.” “We put in extra effort.”

Jeudy stated that he could help him a lot. He's a great quarterback and a Hall of Fame quarterback who came to the offense as an offensive leader.[He is]He is also working to make me better. He will be my greatest friend this year. He has the energy. [He's]Always encouraging and motivating men to keep going and work hard.

The Broncos may not have been “wide receiver heaven”, but they are a good example of that. Emmanuel SandersThis was once the Peyton Manning era. Over the last five years, they've seen a turntile at quarterback as well as four different offensive coordinators.

Since then, the Broncos have only had one wide receiver. Courtland SuttonIn 2019, finish with at minimum 1,000 yards and tight end Noah FantNow with the Seattle Seahawks— led the team in receiving in the two previous years. The team's three top wide receivers were Jeudy, Sutton and Tim Patrick— finished with seven touchdowns in a total, five coming from Patrick. This is nine less than the league leader. Cooper KuppThe Los Angeles Rams.

George Paton was the Broncos general manger after the season. He signed Patrick in November to a contract extension. He was particularly clear about the receivers. He said that they “have to improve and we must do everything we can get the best from them, we all desire that, but it's not impossible for them to be more.”

Jeudy's poor season was marred by some drops. Jeudy became visibly frustrated when he was playing in an offense that scored 13 points or less in five of its final eight games.

Wilson was a tireless advocate for the team's passing game during the offseason's early work on the field.

Wilson stated, “I call them gap play.” It could be three to four plays or just one or two that alter the game or the situational awareness. Which place did the game change? Which was the place where the game changed? This was an important part for me. What were your strengths? And what could you do to improve them?

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