Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher, was agitated by the frustrated New York Mets and sparked a benches-clearing incident

ST. LOUIS — New York MetsWednesday's hit-by-pitch frustrations were boiling over when the reliever arrived. Yoan LopezA pitch was thrown near the end. Nolan ArenadoArenado was ejected in the aftermath of a brawl over Arenado's head. St. Louis Cardinals‘ 10-5 victory.

Arenado reached the plate four times and drove home three runs before the incident in eighth inning.

Mets hitter J.D. DavisAfter being struck in the left foot by an inning-ending pitch, he was left in the eighth. Genesis Cabrera, the Mets' leading 19th major league hit-by pitch this season — three against St. Louis on Tuesday night.

Arenado started shouting at Lopez to “do this again” after Lopez hit a fastball that flew 94 mph near Arenado's head. The bullpens and benches were cleared and the teams moved closer to home plate.

Stubby Clapp, Cardinals' first base coach tackles Mets star Pete AlonsoThe melee is in the middle. Cardinals veteran Adam WainwrightLater, he asked Alonso if he was okay.

Lopez was allowed to continue the game despite Clapp being ejected with Arenado.

Lopez was given a high-five by his teammates upon his return to the dugout at the end of the inning.

Buck Showalter, Mets manager denied New York felt the need for a message to be sent about the plunkings. He also said that Lopez's pitch was not deliberate.

Showalter stated that X-rays of Davis' foot were negative but that he would need to be evaluated further.

The Mets are furious at a series of hit batters and pitchers. Chris BassittThe league blamed inconsistencies in baseballs they provided, a year after Major League Baseball crackeddown on the use illegal sticky substances by pitchers.

In a Wednesday statement, a league spokesperson stated that “MLB is always concerned with keeping hitters safely from dangerous pitches.” “We carefully analyze trends in the game, and have open conversations with our coaches and players to address them.

“Overall league statistics have shown that hit-by pitch rates and wild pitches rates are down in comparison to previous seasons, as of April 26.” One club has been hit twice as often in 2022 than the league average, something that we will continue to monitor.

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