Now, the No. CeeDee Lamb, the No. 1 wideout, is ready to be ‘that guy” for Dallas Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys Blog

FRISCO, Texas Amari Cooper Traded to the Cleveland Browns. Michael Gallup He is currently recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament tear in his left knee. He will not return to work until late September.

After the tragedy, what was certain to happen? Dallas Cowboys Select CeeDee Lamb In the 2020 first round gave him the hallowed No. 88 jersey is now a reality: Lamb is the Cowboys’ clear-cut top wide receiver.

“I feel like that’s just part of me, just being that guy and kinda being accountable for everything,” Lamb said after the first organized team activity last week. “If I don’t get going, nothing gets going, honestly. That’s how I approach the game. Just having this pressure, if you will, on my back, it’s whatever.”

Lamb might not feel the pressure during May, but things will change when September comes around.

“I think CeeDee is in a situation where all of a sudden, he’s going to have a lot more attention on him and how he deals with that will tell the tale,” Hall of Fame receiver Tim Brown told ESPN. “There’s going to be a guy over you and a safety creeping over and that means you got to go to work. You’ve got to learn how to do that, learn how to beat double coverage and then sometimes triple coverage. I think that’s going to be a big adjustment for him.”

It’s not that Lamb hasn’t seen extra attention his first two years, but there was always the comfort that most of the time he was playing with fellow receivers Cooper (68 catches for 865 yards in 2021), Cedrick Wilson Gallup (35 catches for 445 yards) and (45 catches for 602 yards), respectively, who would draw attention to themselves.

The Cowboys might have been able to win this season's opener. James WashingtonHe had hosted 24 receptions for the occasion a year prior. Pittsburgh Steelers, and third round pick Jalen Tolbert As their Nos. While Gallup is recovering, the 2nd and 3rd receivers will be used. Wilson signed with Miami Dolphins March

Lamb led Cowboys' receptions for 1,102 yards, eight touchdowns, and was named to the Pro Bowl. His first two seasons saw him catching 2,037 yards. This is only surpassed by Hall of Famer Bob Hayes' 2,235 yards in 1965-1966.

Lamb’s rise to the No. The rise of Lamb to the No. Dez Bryant, who wore No. 88 was Lamb's number. Bryant wasn't available for Cowboys when they selected him in the 2010 draft. However, Bryant was moved up from No. 27 to No. 24 to get Lamb; they never imagined Lamb would be their option in 2020. Bryant was a rookie and had Miles Austin as his No. Bryant was the No. 1 receiver in his rookie season. He moved up the ranks until he became the true No. In his third season, he was 1.

Bryant averaged 91 receptions for 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns between 2012-14 with Tony Romo as his quarterback.

“This is a great opportunity for him personally,” coach Mike McCarthy said of Lamb. “I think just the way we've established the offense, particularly in the passing game, the ability for those guys to play different positions, to create matchups and make it harder on the defense to double you and those type of things — my point is, playing in the slot a lot last year and now playing the flanker position (Cooper’s position).

We understand that his rise in Year 3 will mean that he will get more attention from the defense. But he is doing all the necessary things to get him ready for the No. 1 guy.”

There is also tangible change, and that is where Lamb’s locker is located. Quarterback Dak Prescott Lamb was moved right next to Cooper, a spot Cooper used hold.

“My two other locker mates left so I was a little lonely and I decided, you know, he’s the guy,” Prescott said. “So just me knowing that hopefully he’s my receiver until I’m done playing, just bring him closer, more conversation since he’s right there, accessible to talk, just communicate.”

It took Brown time to develop into the Raiders’ No. 1, although some of that was because of a left knee injury his second season and Al Davis’ desire to keep him as an elite punt returner and third-down receiver. In 1993, Mervyn Fernandez got hurt, and that started Brown’s run of nine straight 1,000-yard seasons.

Brown’s job was a little more difficult because he said he had 20 different quarterbacks with the Raiders, although the Cowboys had four different starting quarterbacks in Lamb’s rookie season.

“I did a lot of talking to those guys, especially the young guys, trying to let them know to trust me and once they complete it, then they’re good and they can always go back to that,” Brown said. “But you have to be on the same page with your quarterback because that could be a pick-six real easy if you’re not.”

Prescott and Lamb have had a close relationship since the beginning. Prescott was the quarterback in seven of the eight quarters of Lamb's rookie 100-yard games. They had two more 100-yard games last year, including Lamb’s breakout nine-catch, 149-yard, two-touchdown effort, including the overtime winner, against the New England Patriots.

They not only have their lockers right next to one another, but they also sit in the same row during offensive meeting.

They are able to see the importance of every detail.

“We’re continuing to work on them and it’s a process,” Prescott said. “He mentioned that because that’s something this whole offense has hung our hat on is getting better in the details because those are the things that show up late in the year.”

Because of his success at Oklahoma and his No. Lamb was never unrecognized. However, in 2022, he is certain that the Cowboys would need more.

“Most importantly, just stepping up regardless of any situation, first down, second down, just always being that guy that everyone can count on,” Lamb said. “And by everyone, I mean everyone in this locker room. I want to be held accountable. I want to be that guy.”

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