Odell Beckham Jr. crash Sean McVay’s wedding to the delight and surprise of the Los Angeles Rams coach

While you may know that it is an exclusive list, just because your coach wins his first Super Bowl title doesn’t guarantee you an invitation, it doesn’t mean you are on the guest list. But, for Odell Beckham Jr., Sean McVay received a formal invitation for his wedding. This was a minor technicality.

On Monday, Los Angeles Rams The head coach was hired by the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast Here's a glimpse into his weekend wedding celebration. He was surprised to find a star wide receiver as an attendee.

McVay stated that the most difficult part of the wedding was finding out how to get everyone on the same page. “So I invited only the captains last year's teams and then there were two other retired players with which you still have great friendships.”

OBJ did not fall into either category, but McVay smilingly explained that this didn't discourage him.

McVay stated, “I love Odell, and so only Odell's fashion can he be our wedding crasher,” “So O showed, crashed the marriage and I loved it.

He also said that he had told the receiver who was a free agent, “You crashed our wedding. You resign with the Rams when, man.”

What is the status of OBJ’s recovery from the torn anterior cruciate ligament he sustained in the Super Bowl? As the WR was tearing down the dance floor, all indications point in the positive direction.

“One of our team doctors attended Odell's surgery. Odell looked smooth on the dance floor, and he said to Odell, “Odell, take your time man.” McVay stated, “Let's take it slow.”

Beckham Jr. could be signed by the Rams if they resign him. wouldn't be the first big get for the team McVay has ties to McVay and their nuptials.

When you ask about getting Aaron DonaldMonday's contract was signed — The defensive tackle received a $40 million increase over the three-year period of his current contract, which will allow him to become the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL McVay noted, “We felt it was trending in a positive direction when we were at my wedding last Saturday night.”

A wedding is the best way to bring people together.

Sarah Barshop's reporting was a major contributor to this story.

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