One NFL-er hosted the “coolest trophy” in sports

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee Titans Left tackle Taylor Lewan When he was granted the rare opportunity to host the Stanley Cup in May, Lewan received a visit from the prized trophy. Lewan explained that he received a call regarding hosting the Stanley Cup and thought of some crazy things he might do once he had it.

“The Stanley Cup [handlers] Lewan replied that it called me and asked if I could come to your home. I was so excited. It was so excited that I thought of taking photos with it, cuddling in bed with it, and doing all sorts of silly things with it.

These visions were realized when Lewan and Wynne, his daughters, placed a puppy and a chicken in the Stanley Cup. Lewan laughed that Willow got in on the joke by putting a puppy, a chicken and a rabbit in the Stanley Cup.

Lewan, a professional footballer, seems to love the Stanley Cup more than any other championship trophy.

Lewan stated, “It's probably the coolest trophy.” “The Lombardi may be dope, but this is the best. [Stanley Cup] The names are etched in. The Lombardi would look cooler if you began to etch the names.

Lewan has forged a close relationship with the Nashville Predators He drank beers from a catfish while he was at their games. Lewan has become a buzz man for the Predators, who won't hesitate to show him on the big screen during their games to bring the crowd to life.

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