Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero was acquitted of a DWI charge

Orlando Magic's Paolo Banchero was acquitted of a DWI charge

Paolo Banchero After being convicted of aiding and abetting DWI, he was released from prison. Michael SavarinoHis former wife, Duke A teammate and the grandson of former Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski pleaded guilty on Wednesday to DWI.

Orange County assistant district attorney Maren Hardin told The Raleigh News & Observer via email that it was “not unusual for a person charged with aiding and abetting DWI to have his or her charge dismissed upon the disposition of the principal's DWI.”

Court records obtained by the News & Observer showed that Savarino pleaded guilty Wednesday with two charges — driving after consuming alcohol while under 21 and running a stop sign — being dismissed.

According to the newspaper Savarino is on 12 month probation and must complete treatment as part of his plea deal. He also completed 24 hours of community work and paid a $300 penalty.

After a traffic stop in November, Banchero was arrested and Savarino was charged. Savarino was just 20 at the time and Banchero was 19, because the vehicle was registered to him.

Banchero claimed that the Blue Devils had “all learnt” from the incident and had “moved ahead” one week after his arrest. Banchero, who was drafted No. 1 by the NBA after a season at Duke, entered the draft. The NBA drafted Banchero after a season at Duke and was selected No. Orlando Magic last month.

During the offseason, Savarino was transferred to Division III New York University.

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